Destiny 2: All You Need To Know About Event Card, Title, Seals, And More

The yearly summer event of Destiny 2 is just around the corner. Titled the ‘Solstice of Heroes,’ the action kicks off on July 19 and runs till August 9. There are a ton of new items and quests for players to experience. One of the most unique ones has been the introduction of the Event Card.

You will get special rewards for completing tasks here, and the Event Card will eventually become a major piece of future seasonal activities. Therefore, it is important to understand the new addition in-depth and how to go about it in the game.

The following guide will help players with everything they need to know about it. 

Destiny 2 - Solstice

Destiny 2: What is the Event Card?

The Event Card will be available for all players after the start of the Solstice of Heroes event. Everything can be tracked from the Seasonal Challenges tab.

These include event challenges, titles, seals, special prizes – all of which can be earned by players as they make their way through the Event Card.

Once the Solstice event is finished, you will find that everything like the awards and quests have vanished, which will be the norm in future scenarios of the edition as well. 

As mentioned above, the Event Card and tasks along with it are free for players. However, there is the benefit of using 1,000 Silver to upgrade it.

Once you have done it, you will instantly receive an Exotic reward bundle. Furthermore, players looking for more prizes will have to use Event Tickets which are specially available inside the Event Card.

Needless to say, the Event Tickets are also present for as long as the Event Card, and by default the Solstice, goes on. The great thing about spending that heavy amount of currency is that the prizes you get in the future through this action are estimated to have a value of 3,000 Silver. 

Destiny 2 - Event Card

Destiny 2: All you need to know about Event Seals, Titles, and Event Challenges

Event Challenges will be mostly like other Seasonal Challenges, where you will earn XP, Bright Dust, and more prizes. Of course, you will win emblems, shaders, and gear through these event quests, the Event Tickets are a new addition.

As mentioned above, all Challenges are available right when Solstice of Heroes kicks off so there’s no rush of completing any one early. 

There’s a key difference between normal Seasonal Title and Seal when compared with the Event Titles and Seal. These are only available to players for a short period of time.

Whenever you begin the Solstice event, your progress will be tracked through the Event Card as you finish all the Event Challenges. Players will also have the chance for Triumphs after completed the normal Seal.

Gliding an event will be there till the next year when event starts, while there’s also the option of winning a mini-Seal through every individual event. 

Thus, that is all about the Event Card, and how to best approach it. Of course, there will be more information once players go through it in the game. No doubt it will be a very different gameplay which will only enhance the quality of Destiny 2.

Last Updated on July 19, 2022

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