Destiny 2 – Can’t Open Umbral Engram Fix

Recently players are having an issue where they can’t open Umbral Engrams . Fixing it is proving out to be tricky or next to impossible. Since the players are maxing out on space storage, they can neither discard the Umbral Engrams nor store it. This is hindering their quest progression. We have a workaround for this issue so keep reading…

Can’t Open Umbral Engram Fix 1

  •  Log in to a second character.
  • As soon as you spawn in Io, return to orbit.
  • Head to earth, and spawn near the Drifter.
  • Talk to the Drifter
  • He will have an abandoned quest for the umbral engram.
  • Claim the quest, and you should receive an umbral engram and be able to decode it.
  • Once the engram is decoded, log back to your first character.
  • You should now be able to decode your engrams on your first character.

Can’t Open Umbral Engram Fix 2

  • Switch character
  • Do the public event on IO
  • Then go back to the Drifter.
  • Open the Umbral Engram.
  • Then change back Characters.
  • And the fix will work like this also.

credits: SalomanBR, Mac

Note that you can do the Public Event or skip it also. That depends upon you. That is how you can do a workaround fix if you can’t open or decode the Umbral Engrams due to overstock/storage issues. Any questions, suggestions, or general queries are welcome in the comments below.

That is all my friends!

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