Destiny 2 Character load screen crash fix (Brocolli Error)

How to fix the Brocolli Error code in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep or Character load screen crash?

As much as the game is a visual spectacle in-game, some players are having a hard time just to make it to the Director screen. Apparently, their game keeps crashing at the Character load screen. And in-between, Error Code “Brocolli” is showing up.

So this fix will show you some methods to mend this seemingly broken Load screen and make the error code go away.


brocolli error code fix d2


Fix character load screen crash (Brocolli Error 2019) Method 1:

  • According to the reports of many players, this issue is happening after they have updated their NVIDIA drivers. If you are facing similar issues after the driver update, try rolling back the NVIDIA driver update and try it from there.
  • This fix is working for the majority of the players out there, so this can work out for you also.


Fix character load screen crash (Brocolli Error 2019) Method 2:

  • The next thing you want to try is Updating your OS to the latest one. Sometimes, the devs release working patches with the updates, so always update to the latest OS version just to be on the safe side.
  • Also, if you are having issues with your current graphics driver, make sure to update it to the latest one. There are specific performance tweaks and fixes done for specific games by NVIDIA devs. So make sure to also do this, if you are out of options.


Fix character load screen crash (Brocolli Error 2019) Method 3:

  • You would also want to verify the integrity of the game files. It so happens that a game file can get corrupted due to bad HDD and fragmentations, and also due to several other reasons. So make sure to check the game files and download any missing game files in the process.


Fix character load screen crash (Brocolli Error 2019) Method 4:

  • Also, make sure that you meet Destiny 2’s minimum system requirements to run the game.
  • Antivirus can also cause an issue with running the game, so turn it off temporarily if you use one, and check like that also.



As far as we have checked, rolling back graphics drivers or, updating it to the latest OS version and Drivers have fixed most of their issues. Some players have also found verifying game files and antivirus off solutions helpful. We hope one of the above steps work for you, and you can enjoy the game!


Thanks for reading!


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