Destiny 2 – Duality Dungeon – A Single Thread Quest Location

The latest reset in Destiny 2 brings about the newest dungeon in the game called Duality. This dungeon promises a lot of loots and is exotic if you can successfully complete it. More will be revealed once you explore this Dungeon in times to come.

But a lot of players are finding it confusing to locate the dungeon, or, where to start it from? Well, I will answer these questions in this guide, along with some additional information to help you with doing the runs.

Duality Dungeon – How To Start – A Single Thread Quest Location in D2

If you look for the new Duality Dungeon in the game after the latest update, you should find it in the Moon, right below the Leviathan Derelict. Once you hover over it, the dungeon will require a quest progression called “A Single Thread”.

How To Progress – A Single Thread Quest Location

To start off with, you need to head over to the tower first. In the annex of the tower, locate Suraya Hawthorne, The Clan Steward.

Once you get to interact with her, she will present you with the quest to complete the Duality Dungeon on Moon.

  • Once you are done picking up the quest from here Open “Destination”
  • Go To “Moon”
  • The Duality Dungeon should now be unlocked for you

The level for the Duality dungeon, by default, should be set to Legend. The required power level cap by default is set to 1550, which is decent in my opinion. This should be a standard power cap for you to try to make the run successful with fellow team members.

What are the Requirements

There are only two requirements for Duality Dungeon:

  • The fireteam must have 1-3 members. This means you can also go for a solo flawless if you feel skilled enough to do so. Just make sure you are well-prepped beforehand.
  • Can also be done in Co-oP. If you cannot find clan members or want to do it in a team, you can try Destiny LFG.

The Duality Dungeon has a lot of rewards to offer guardians, including the new exotic sword called Heartshadow. If you want, you can read my article on how to get the Heartshadow and its catalyst in Destiny 2.

Let me know how you are enjoying the new dungeon and its content in D2. And thanks for reading this guide!

Last Updated on May 28, 2022

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