Destiny 2: Guide To Defeat Golgoroth In King’s Fall Raid

The arrival of the King’s Fall has galvanized players in Destiny 2 even further. I went all guns blazing against Warpriest, who was a lethal DPS attacker.

However, the bigger enemy lies after him in the form of Golgoroth. I had to take down the big ogre in order to start the next quest of King’s Fall.

Of course, the path is not easy and there are a lot of details to be mastered when it comes to this boss battle.

In that regard, I have compiled the following guide to help players in defeating Golgoroth and emerge victorious in all glory. 

Destiny 2 - Golgoroth King's Fall

Destiny 2: Getting ready for the fight

The first thing to keep in mind is how you divide your group. I got burnt in my initial attempt by allocating three members to each team.

However, that is not the correct way as I have pointed down below: 

  • One group should have two players in charge of intimidating and taunting Golgoroth during the fight by shooting his back and then running to the DPS team. Count down timers and alternate the Gaze.
  • The players doing the Gaze mechanic should have Linears or Izanagis to do the maximum damage to his back. Other alternatives are also welcome here.
  • The remaining four players will be the main attack group who are tasked with inflicting heavy damage
  • One out of the four must-have Divinity, with the remaining members following the first team
  • I was careful in allowing letting Warlocks turn on Well of Radiance with Ward of Dawn the way to go for Titans 
  • You can have Solar Titans too which will come in handy for survival

Destiny 2: Guide to starting the battle against Golgoroth

The way to start the fight is to take down the lighted bubble that is on the ceiling at the centre of the room.

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After you shoot down the first droplet in the middle, Golgoroth will appear from below and it begins. Here’s a full list of things to do and avoid in the initial phases: 

  • I was faced with a seemingly never-ending army of adds whom you have to eliminate as quickly as possible alongside being out of Golgoroth’s vision to avoid damage
  • After finishing off the adds, you will be eligible to begin inflicting damage on the main boss by dropping the droplets above
  • One member of the first (distracting) team will have to strike the glowing area on the boss’ back to receive the buff “Golgoroth’s Gaze” for 20 seconds every time
  • This will make Golgoroth always turn to them and he will respond by attacking with Taken orbs
  • The two-member team also has to strike down more glowing bubbles from the ceiling
  • You will find a pool being formed on the ground where the second team will remain and fire from
  • They will find Golgoroth’s stomach being open to show a critical hit area which you must aim for.

Destiny 2 - Battling Golgoroth

Destiny 2: Distracting together in tandem

One of the most important phases given that the two members will have to know their roles well. 

  • As the buff is set to end, the member who will be next to distract and have Golgoroth’s attention has to go behind him while the other one has to focus on the upcoming bubble
  • I found that the attacking team will also help alongside the new distracting member getting the buff
  • The best way to do both of these things is by executing them together which will give more valuable time
  • Golgoroth is now facing the attacking team who will keep striking the belly while the distracting team is going around and taking down the Taken orbs again
  • Make sure that both teams do their job very efficiently as if Golgoroth is not distracted, the damage phase will expire prematurely
  • After I finished seeing off all the bubbles in this part, the return of adds will begin. 
Destiny 2: Be alert in the final stages of battle

There are a few things that you have to keep an eye out for when it comes to the latter stages of the fight.

This is because they are crucial to prolonging the battle. I had to restart as I learnt how to perfect the timing and fundamentals.

  • A debuff called “Unstable Light” comes up to the left-hand side of the bottom screen for the attacking team
  • Be alert of the timer as it will explode on the player it has targeted and give damage around
  • The best way to negate damage is the player who is targeted to get away from the team and after it explodes, rejoin the group
  • It is very important to be aware of this and another indicator will be the specific player getting a green glow on their screen when the debuff is counting down
  • Another thing to keep a watch on is the missing of bubbles, because too many will fill up the runes on the pillar present called the Tablet of Ruin
  • I missed quite a few of them in my earlier fights which led to a message popping up reading “The Tablet of Ruin is complete
  • Now, you will have to start all over again from the beginning as the entire squad is wiped out, and that is why the buff is so important because it helps in negating damage.

In the last part of the fight, Taken adds will show up instead of Hive adds. You will have to finish off Taken Phalanxes quickly along with using the distracting team efficiently.

If all goes well, you should end up on the winning side at the end to get the big rewards. 

Thus, that is all the load of information you will require to battle Golgoroth. I had to use a few tries in the beginning to perfect the skills. It gets better with every attempt and you should not be discouraged in the early stages. 

Last Updated on August 30, 2022

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