Destiny 2 Heavy ammo/Finisher mod glitch

How to get 5 times more heavy ammo from 1 heavy finisher

In this short guide, we will show you how you can get more than what you invest for. Or in other words, how to get 5x Heavy ammo from 1x Heavy finisher.

A neat little glitch/trick from megajoshua, and that is all you need to fill up your heavy or special ammo within minutes, using a finisher.


How does this Workaround for Heavy ammo finder work?

  • You would need to equip an AOE grenade for more effectiveness.
  • But any grenade that does damage to multiple enemies will work.
  • It is a trick/glitch in which the system reads your grenade kills as finishers also and as a result grants you Heavy or special ammo for each nade kill.


How to do this Heavy ammo mod/trick?

  • Get your warlock/ Titan / Hunter.
  • For the purpose of explaining we take the solar grenade ability of Warlock.
  • Heavy finisher is a class item artifact mod that requires 7 energy slots.
    • Make sure you have this setup already done and equipped before proceeding with the rest of the trick.
    • This uses 1/2 of your super energy bar and generates Heavy ammo in return.
  • Now, right before you go to execute your finisher, drop a solar or arc grenade then use your finisher on an enemy immediately.
  • If done right, for every nade kill you get, it will drop you heavy ammo. You can use this trick to clear adds and get tonnes of heavy ammo


Make use of this trick/glitch before the developers get a fix in, and complete your objectives.

On that note, we will end this short trick to get more heavy ammo from finishers.


Thanks for reading!



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