Destiny 2: How To Finish A Spark In The Dark

The Summer Solstice Event is live in Destiny 2. Players have till August 9 to play through all the quests to earn Event Tickets, currencies, Badges, Seals, and more.

There is also the Candescent armor present which can be upgraded throughout the game. Solstice of Heroes has a total of 24 Event Challenges and Triumphs.

One of them is ‘A Spark in the Dark’ which will award prizes that you will need for future progress. In that regard, the following guide will help players find out about the quest and how to complete it. 

Destiny 2 - A Spark In The Dark

Destiny 2: What is the quest about?

Given that Event Challenges and Triumphs are different categories of tasks, players can finish off any of them to progress to the other. Though their completion is connected, the prizes are different for each.

Therefore, you will have to visit both of them separately to pick up your rewards which will be lodged in the game. 

As usual, players will receive Kindling and Event Tickets. Kindling is a new Solstice currency that is vital in upgrading the Candescent armor, alongside Silver Leaves and Silver Ash.

You will have to finish all of the 24 Challenges to be able to upgrade your armor to the highest level. One character will be able to finish A Spark in the Dark once, so you have to go again with the others.

On the other hand, Event Tickets are used to buy cosmetic items available on the Event Card. However, if you do not possess the latest version, the Tickets will just get stored to be used in the future. 

Destiny 2 - Candescent Armor Boots

After finishing the Triumph version, players will be unlocking the Flamekeeper title. This can only be earned in the Solstice of Heroes, and you have to collect the awards after you are done.

The good news for players is that the Triumph version has to be done only once as its progress gets shared across the other characters. 

Destiny 2: How to complete A Spark in the Dark

Players have to complete Sever missions or rounds of Altars of Sorrow which will give them Silver Leaves. However, make sure you are equipped with at least one piece of the new Candescent armor. Only the class item will also do the trick in this regard. 

The best way is to go through Sever missions as they give you 20% progress with each finish. However, you must have the latest Season of the Haunted ready. You will always have the Altars of Sorrow to go the other way. 

Thus, that is all players have to know about A Spark in the Dark. It is a part of the Solstice fabric and finishing it will give the rewards. 

Last Updated on July 26, 2022

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