Destiny 2 – How to Get and Use Umbral Engrams

Umbral engrams are a new addition to Destiny 2 – Season of Arrivals. The very first umbral engram you will get to use is from completing the “Contact” public event. The engrams can be opened from the Umbral Engram Decoder. As for acquiring the Engram itself, we will list a few places from where you can get the Umbral Engrams, and also list what you can get from it.

umbral engrams how to get

How to get Umbral Engrams in D2

  • Leveling up the Prismatic Recaster will drop you Umbral engrams with each level up.
  • World drops like Strikes, Nightfalls, Raids, Chests of Public Events, The Crucible, Gambit, etc
  • Seasonal pass – Leveling up the Seasonal pass will also offer a limited number of Umbral Engrams. For Premium pass owners: they will get two umbral engrams. One at Level 7 and one at level 52. For Free pass users: They will only get one Umbral engram at level 7.
  • The First Umbral Engram you will get is from doing the “Contact” Public event for Drifter.
  • The Drop Rate for these engrams is a bit rare as of now.

How to use Umbral Engrams in D2

  • you can use/open these engrams from the Umbral Engram Decoder.
  • It is located Beside Drifter in the Annex of the Tower.

This post is a work in progress. We will be updating it as we find out more…

That will be all for this short guide on how to get Umbral Engram in Destiny 2 – Season of Arrivals.

3 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – How to Get and Use Umbral Engrams”

  1. I now have 10 umbrel engrams in my inventory, and an 11th with the drifter. Decoder recognizes none of them, and they can’t be discarded or stored.
    So, not only am I unable to progress, my inventory is full of engrams that won’t work.


    1. 1. Log onto a second character.
      2. As soon as you set foot on Io, return to orbit.
      3. Head to earth, and spawn near the drifter.
      4. Talk to the drifter
      5. He will have an abandoned quest for the umbral engram.
      6. Take the quest, and you should receive an umbral engram and be able to decode it.
      7. Once the engram is decoded, log back to your first character.
      8. You should now be able to decode your engrams on your first character.

      courtesy: SalomanBR

    2. Switch characters…do the public event on IO then go back to drifter. Should open. Then change back. It worked for me, good luck

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