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Guide on getting the Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 along with Tips and Tricks

The Bastion in an exotic fusion Rifle added to the Season of dawn which is all set to arrive on the 28th of January, so we will show some tips and tricks to be prepared for the Quest farm in D2. These include the corridors of time, Locations, items and resources you need to stock up for the upcoming exotic quest.


Bastion exotic fusion rifle Quest Step 1: SPOKEN WORD

spoken word quest step

  • As shown above, you will need to retrieve the chronometric core from the Corridors of Time. This can be tricky, and as of now, the entire community is hunting and exploring for it in the Corridors of time, so feel free to try that out yourself.
  • You will need to talk to Saint-14 in the tower (A FALSE REFRACTION), which will lead to this and then subsequent quest steps.
  • Load into the Thieves Landing on the tangled shore, and kill the captain, spawning just in front of your spawn location. Then move to the entrance for the Hollowed layer strike, and you should be able to locate a servitor there, whom you will need to kill also.
  • Next thing is to go into the Empty tank lost sector, which should be the nearest one. Simply kill the captain and the servitor there, rinse and repeat the same process and you should be done with this quest step fairly quickly. The intel drop is random, but you should get them upon killing the enemies in the lost sector itself.

Bastion exotic fusion rifle Quest Step 2: BACKROOM BRAWL

backroom brawl quest step

  • After getting the intel required, you need to speak to spider and he should give you a quest called Backroom brawl.
  • The main objective of this will be to kill Aksiniks, who can be found in the Empty Tank lost sector. A simple process and won’t take too long to complete either.

Bastion exotic fusion rifle Quest Step 3: A STRONG ARM

a strong arm quest step

  • After doing the above quest, talk to the spider. He will give you a set of challenges and bounties to complete.
  • As the quest suggests, you need to do spider bounties on the tangled shore. They should not be hard to do.
  • But keep in mind that these require ghost fragments to purchase. So make sure you have a lot of them or start saving on them from now.
  • You can get ghost fragments by simply doing patrols and events on the tangled shore. That should do the work for you.
  • Complete 10 bounties from the spider, and hold onto them until the weapon launches in the game, then simply claim the bounties and be done with this quest step.
  • 8 Public events and Challenging enemies defeated should be done later on, after the launch for obvious reasons, and even these should not take long to complete if you head over to the lost sectors of the tangled shore and/or do the cryopod public events which consist of Yellow bar enemies. Also, keep an eye out for other public events.

Bastion exotic fusion rifle Quest Step 4: ALTERED CHIEF

altered chief quest step

  • All you need to do in this step is to kill Reysk, the waining light. He will be in a modified version of the Hollowed Layer Strike, memento.
  • The Base power level requirement will be 750 but expect a challenging gameplay none the less.
  • Just slay the Chief and return to saint-14 for the final quest step.

Bastion exotic fusion rifle Quest Step 5: TALK TO SAINT-14

talk to saint-14 final step

  • Finally, return Bastion to Saint-14 and he will alter its damage, and return it to you.
  • That should be it, and you should now have the Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle Ready to use.

Bastion Stats and conclusion

bastion weapon stats and conclusion

  • The weapon will acquire the kinetic slot for the guardians.
  • Saints fists will enable you to fire 3 kinetic slug rounds, which is speculated to do decent damage to yellow bars and bosses.
  • Breakthrough is an interesting perk since it bypasses elemental shields. This can come in handy for those important disruption breaks.

In conclusion, this is by far one of the longer quests in the Season of dawn. But if you plan on getting the weapon anyways, it is definitely doable. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the article, let us know down in the comments. And that is how you can, step by step, get the Bastion exotic fusion Rifle in Destiny 2: Season of dawn.


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