Destiny 2: How To Get The Burden Of Guilt And God Rolls

The number of weapons in Destiny 2‘s latest edition, Season of the Haunted has players spoilt for choice. There are several categories for the sidearms and guns that give players a lot of flexibility when battling enemies. However, there is still some way for the other weapons to stand out, and that is where the Burden of Guilt comes in.

It is the most unique Fusion Rifle of its kind and will be a hit with fans of Stasis weapons. It is the first gun in that range to have an Adaptive Frame. Therefore, the gun is rare to find in Destiny 2 and has options like Techeun Force and Dream Breaker.

No doubt this will turn out to be a hit as the players progress through the game. In that regard, the following guide will help you in getting the Burden of Guilt and how to have its best perks. 

Destiny 2 -Burden of Guilt

Destiny 2: How to get the Burden of Guilt

The Burden of Guilt is a part of the four (or five) new Fusion Rifles that this season of Destiny 2 has received. The Stormchaser Linear Fusion Rifle could be added to this, taking the number to five.

After the release of The Witch Queen expansion, the first Stasis Fusion Rifle came out through the Vow of the Disciple Raid activities. So, you can use the weapon in the Kinetic slot.

There is also Riptide, which is the Rapid-Fire Frame Crucible weapon, which is another addition to the current season. Now that the Burden of Guilt is also here, you will have many choices in how to best use your Kinetic slot. 

The sole way to get the Burden of Guilt is by playing in the Trials of Osiris. As is the case with other weapons in this area, you will get the gun  as a Pinnacle award. Then you can exchange it with the Trials engrams, as you play with Flawless cards.

If this sounds familiar, it is because the Forgiveness Sidearm can also be gotten like this. Furthermore, the other way to unlock kit is leveling up through Saint-14 in the Tower. 

Destiny 2 - Burden of Guilt Perks

Destiny 2: The Burden of Guilt best perks

Given that this weapons has the Adaptive Frame, it is much easier to control and has a quicker charge time. Therefore, the battery and barrel perks make it even stronger. The best barrel options include: 

  • For both PvP and PvE: Arrowhead Brake, Corkscrew Rifling, Smallbore, and Fluted Barrel.

The best battery options are: 

  • For both PvP and PvE: Particle Repeater and Accelerated Coils.
  • For PvP: Projection Fuse. 

Players who have already played with the Riptide Fusion Rifle can very well pair the Burden of Guilt with Arrowhead Brake and Accelerated Coils. However, there are other great perk options too, which include: 

  • Killing Wind/High Impact Reserves: Players gain added mobility, range, and handling for a brief time after a kill, alongside inflicting more damage while the magazine ends. 
  • Perpetual Motion/Vorpal Weapon: A great option for players in PvP and PvE activities for opponents using Supers. 
  • Perpetual Motion/Successful Warm-Up: You will get a smooth feel alongside firing even quicker. 
  • Perpetual Motion/Chill Clip: A very strong combination in PvE specifically.

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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