Destiny 2: How To Get Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle And God Rolls

The range of weapons in Destiny 2 is meant for fans of all flavour. There is a little something for everyone, whether it be rifles, sidearms, or bows. Though there are many new ones which have been added in the latest season, Season of the Haunted, the returning weapons always hold a special place.

This is the case with the Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle, a Rapid-Fire frame weapon. This means it can inflict Arc damage, while having a better ammo refill and quicker reload time.

Some of its perks are unchanged, but there’s plenty to get excited about in the new version. The following guide will help players in getting the Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle and its best perks in the game. 

Destiny 2 - Horror's Least Pulse Rifle

Destiny 2: How to get the Horror’s Least?

The weapon’s primary domain remains the Crucible, where it gained fan following in the previous seasons too. Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle remains uncraftable in its new version, meaning the only way to get the weapon is by finishing a Nightfall activity.

Any weapon that is gotten through Nightfall are available for the week where they are presented as rewards for finishing specific tasks. Horror’s Least was a special weapon during The Corrupted Nightfall in the Dreaming City was the week’s mission.

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However, players can now go for it whenever it comes and keep it for themselves for as long as long as they want. Furthermore, a better version of Nightfall is coming soon with the release of Grandmasters from July 5. 

Destiny 2 - Horror's Least Pulse Rifle Perks

Destiny 2: Horror’s Least Rifle best perks

There are a few solid perks that players can get for the Horror’s Least Rifle in the game. Players should go for Arrowhead Brake or Extended Barrel as barrel options in PvE and PvP stuff.

Avoid Full Bore, which will not be of any help for this weapon. When it comes to magazine, you have a range of choices that include Tactical Mag, Steady Rounds, and Flared Magwell. Additionally, the Appended Mag and Extended Mag are great choices for PvE combat.

When it comes to Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit stuff, you should opt for Arrowhead Brake and Tactical Mag. The following list of third and fourth column options are also a great draw. 

  • Zen Moment/Kill Clip: The stability of the weapon increases manifold, alongside the the increase in damage by 33% if you reload after a kill. 
  • Under Pressure/Frenzy: The magazine round gets low, allowing players more stability in combat. 
  • Heating Up/Frenzy: The stability and the accuracy, both will get better after every kill you get. 
  • Zen Moment/Frenzy: The stability rises as the weapon inflicts damage, along with handling and reload speed when you are deep into battle. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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