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In this detailed guide, we will show you, how you can get Mountaintop in Destiny 2, in 2020. Note that this is coming from the experience of an average Destiny 2 player, so if we can manage this with some smart work and decent effort then you can as well. So keep reading…
We will refer to Grenade launchers as GL for ease of reference.

How to get Mountaintop | Quest tips to step 1

  • The basic requirements in order to get this weapon are as follows:
  • Get to FABLED 1 within a season (2100 Glory rank).
  • Complete the “In pursuit of Honour” triumph which should be in your triumph. The Quest name in your Quests tab will be “The Ascent”.
  • Get 750 GL kills 75 GL double kills (defeating 2 or more guardians rapidly), 25 Calculated trajectory medals (3 GL kills in a single life).
  • 1x percent progression for Quickplay, 2x percent progression for Iron Banner, and 3x Percent progression for Competitive matchmaking.
  • After you are done with the above tasks, you can talk to Shax to get you Mountaintop.

Now we will tell you about our personal experience and how we did it.

How to get Mountaintop | Quest tips to step 2

  • You need a GL, or if you can manage, two grenade launchers.
  • One will be in your Power slot and the other will be in your Kinetic or Energy slot.
  • We do not recommend running a triple GL combo as it can hinder your progress.
  • For kinetic Slot, we recommend Militias Birthright.
  • For energy slot we recommend: Either Fighting Lion or Orewing’s Maul.
  • Fighting lion is based on RNG so that is up to luck if you get it or not. We were lucky enough to get it to drop from a random strike, but an Orewing’s Maul with Proximity grenades will do the work quite well.

How do we get militias birthright?

  • This is a Nightfall exclusive weapon, and the Nightfall Strike you can do to get it is Lake Of Shadows on EDZ.

How to get Orewing’s maul?

  • The only way to get this sadly is by doing Iron banner and turning over bounty tokens to Saladin.
  • But After the Shadowkeep release, the developers have said that IB will be more frequent to come by. So whenever it comes, make sure to get one.

How to get Mountaintop | Quest tips to step 3

  • For your power weapon slot, you need to pay more attention.
  • We highly recommend a GL with Proximity grenades perk and autoloading holster.
  • A play of the game or Edge Transit with the above perks will do your work.

How to get Mountaintop | Quest tips to step 4

Now on how to equip these GL and which Game modes to go for?

  • You need to keep a Kinetic weapon to tag enemy guardians and finish them off with your GL in your energy slot. Or you can do the vice versa.
  • Contest for heavy ammo every time and do not worry about the rest of the match.
  • If you are playing at a party, have a pact to take turns for the heavy ammo.
  • This becomes easy if you are solo, as players initially do not go for heavy ammo every time.

How to get Mountaintop | Quest tips to step 5

Which matches to play or target for the “In Pursuit of Honour” Quest?

  • Whenever an IB comes around, make sure you get your kills and medals there. This is because you get 2x percent progression in IB. We personally did 50% of this quest in IB.
  • Till the time you are pushing for 2100, make sure you get as many heavy kills, multi-kills, and medals as possible in the competitive playlist.

How to get Mountaintop | Quest tips to step 6

What if you are having a tough time in IB or the competitive playlists?

  • Well surprisingly, we did most of the rest killing in Quickplay. This is because players tend to go for heavy ammo less, and after the recent changes, multiple players can now pick up heavy ammo. So you are better off in the quickplay with your GL strategies.

How to get Mountaintop | Quest tips to step 7

  • You are likely to finish the 750 GL kills and 25 Calculated trajectory medals first. At least that is what happened to us.
  • After that, the rapid double or triple kill struggle will start, but there are some things to note, to make this a lot easier.
  • After you kill an enemy with a GL, you have a very small gap of time, within which if you kill another enemy it will still count as a double kill. We noticed that the gap is about 2-2.5 secs. So make good use of this and be aggressive for the second GL kill. If you are lucky you can pull off a triple kill also. That will result in a +1% extra progression.
  • Wait for the enemy guardians to group up. Control game mode will help you with this matter. Be a bit smart about using the heavy GL ammo and try to make it count every time.

How to get Mountaintop | Quest tips to step 8

  • After the launch of the Season of dawn, we will see momentum control often in the game. Make full use of this and get your medals, kills, and points when it comes around.
  • One suggestive Weapon you can use, which is also used by quite a few streamers, is The Martyr’s Retribution.
  • To get Martyr’s Retribution in, you’ll need to complete the Mars: Obelisk Attunement mission. After that, purchase the Martyr’s Retribution weapon bounty. Visit Osiris and accept the Mars: Obelisk Attunement mission and get to grinding for the weapon. As seen so far, it is totally worth the grind.


Have a positive and smart approach towards this Triumph and quest altogether and have a bit of fun while doing it. If it starts to get too boring or grindy then you should play normally or try later. And we hope sooner or later you will also have your Mountaintop.


Here is a video of us claiming the Mountaintop:

thanks for reading!

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