Destiny 2: How To Get New Purpose Pulse Rifle And God Rolls

The shooter franchise Destiny 2 is filled with great weapons which have amazing god rolls. They have played a major part in elevating the status of the game as one of the best in its genre.

Therefore, it is no surprise that players have an array of choices, which makes their job easier. In this regard, the New Purpose Pulse Rifle is a pretty nifty choice.

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The gun has a High-Impact Frame which inflicts great damage accurately over long distances, but the rate of firing is slower than its counterparts. The following guide will help players in acquiring the New Purpose Pulse Rifle and the best perks for it too. 

Destiny 2 - New Purpose Pulse Rifle

Destiny 2: How to get the New Purpose Pulse Rifle?

The weapons is among the select group of options from the Duality Dungeon which cannot be crafted. Therefore, this makes it one of the hardest weapons to get in the game as the best rolls will depend on the RNG.

You will have only three encounters to try and get the New Purpose. The Duality Dungeon can be played on repeat every week after the reset, meaning you can try out your luck whenever possible.

Furthermore, the New Purpose can also be gotten through the two chests inside the Dungeon, provided you have already earned it through activities. 

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The last boss of the Duality Dungeon, Calus’ Greatest Shame, has the power to get you New Purpose. The first secret chest is inside the room with four Cabal statues, while the other is near the tenth Repressed Memory’s location.

However, as mentioned above, you will only get the weapon through these chests if you have managed to get it beforehand in the natural process of the game. 

Destiny 2 - New Purpose Pulse Rifle Perks

Destiny 2: New Purpose Best Perks

Given that the weapon is a High-Impact Pulse Rifle, there are a lot of options when choosing barrel or magazine. Most of the perks are of greater use in PvP combat, rather than in PvE.

Additionally, there are some perks that should be avoided all together as they do not benefit you or the weapon. Full Bore is the only barrel perk which is of no use in the Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible activities.

For magazine, steer clear of the Alloy Magazine, for it is only useful when reloading the gun on empty. Extended Mag and Appended Mag are perfect for PvE activities, while Ricochet Rounds and High-Caliber Rounds are better for PvP encounters. The best perk combinations for the third and fourth columns are listed below: 

  • Perpetual Motion/Headstone: This roll is perfect for Stasis encounters in PvE as New Pulse inflicts Stasis damage. 
  • Tunnel Vision/Desperado: The pair combines well in giving players faster aim down sight speeds. 
  • Well-Rounded/Headstone: A great option for PvE in Stasis builds, as the former gives stacking bonus and increases handing, stability, and range after a player throws grenade or melee attack. 
  • Perpetual Motion/Desperado: The god roll for the weapon and can be used in PvE and PvP encounters. 

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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