Destiny 2 | How to get or Farm Fourth Horseman Catalyst

The Fourth Horseman is a returning weapon from Destiny 1. It had all the 5 rounds in Destiny 1, but this time around, you need to get the catalyst to make it work. The gun itself is very impactful in the game with the Full auto system and its unique perks. Let us take a look at where to farm it from. We will also see, what are the key features of this Weapon and its Catalyst.

Fourth Horseman and Catalyst Guide

Where to farm or get the Fourth Horseman Catalyst

  • Legendary Lost Sectors: As reported by several players, the catalyst, at the time and date of this post, is dropping from Legendary lost sectors.
  • You can skip all the enemies, and only kill the wanted boss enemy to unlock the chest. Please take note that you can get this from the lost sector chest itself, and not the Warmind chests.
  • One suggestive tip will be to Equip a Hunter and use the Vanish in Smoke ability (Nightstalker subclass melee) to bypass the enemies and head straight to the main boss.
  • Here is an example of a Legendary lost sector marked in Gold:
legendary lost sector
  • Seraph Tower Public Event: After doing the quest for the Seraph Bunker, it will be available to you as a public event, simply do it and you have a high chance of getting the catalyst drop from the final chest. Since you can do this Once per day, you can do either the lost sector or the Tower event.
  • Here is an illustrative example of the Seraph bunker event:
seraph tower guide

And as far as we checked, these two activities/events have a normal to high drop rate for the catalyst. So getting one will eventually come down to the grind. But make no mistake, as it is also a world drop, and it can be dropped from any other event/crucible/strikes/Gambit in the vast Destiny 2 Expansion, so be on the lookout.

Catalyst Stats

Fourth horseman catalyst guide
  • What the Catalyst simply does is, it adds an extra round to the 4 rounds in the clip. This means more damage stack and bullet spread with the provision of the Full auto system.
  • All you need to do is hold down that left trigger, and let it loose!
  • Also, the Catalyst adds a major buff in reload speed for the weapon, which makes the firing time lesser, and more consistent.

Objectives and tips to Masterwork

  • As for Objectives, all you need to do is defeat enemies in the destiny 2 expansion to make progress towards Master working it fully.
  • As for Tips, head to the areas with massive crowds to make the kill counts more. Some of those places can be the Blind well, Escalation Protocol, Lost sectors with a large crowd of enemies, and so on.
  • You can also head over to Whisper (heroic if you have done the normal), and just drop down from the large hall with greens. After that just slay the endless waves of enemies to level up the catalyst.
  • You can also do the same for the Outbreak Perfected (or its heroic version) and farm its enemies also.

In conclusion, you can get the catalyst for the time being just by doing some grind. And after you get it, it is all down to smart work to get it Masterworked. If you have any questions or suggestions, do let us know in the comments. That will be all for this guide on how to get or farm the Fourth Horseman Catalyst in Destiny 2. Thanks for reading!

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