Destiny 2: How To Get Silver Leaves In Solstice Of Heroes

The return of the annually-held summer event of Destiny 2 has created quite a buzz. Titled the ‘Solstice of Heroes,’ it will go on till August 9. The big thing is the new Candescent Armor and its many upgrades. One of the currencies used in getting the upgrades is Silver Leaves.

Players will have to keep acquiring them as they are necessary for creating Silver Ash too. Furthermore, you will need Silver Leaves in huge quantities to upgrade armor in a proper fashion. The following guide will help players in learning all about Silver Leaves and how to get it quickly throughout the Solstice event. 

Destiny 2 - Silver Leaves

Destiny 2: What is the new currency?

As mentioned above, a lot of Silver Leaves is required in the game for the desired purposes. The task is made even tougher because only 100 Silver Leaves can be stored in the inventory at any given time.

Players can reroll the stats of the armor which they upgrade in the event. Needless to say, the better the upgrade, the more Silver Leaves you will be requiring as the Events progress.

Armor is upgraded separately depending upon the three classes, and you will have a ton of work if you wish to upgrade all of them to the max level in just three weeks of the Solstice event.

Of course, before beginning your quests for the same, players have to meet Eva Levante in the Tower to get their armor bundle. It will need you to wear the armor, and its collection increases depending upon pieces worn.

Therefore, it is always advised to have the full set ready and equipped throughout the Solstice as it will be greatly beneficial in terms of getting Silver Leaves from challenges. 

Destiny 2 - Candescent Robes

Destiny 2: How to get Silver Leaves?

Silver Leaves can be gotten from any activity except the newly added Bonfire Bash. This is because the Bash is the place where they are changed to Silver Ash.

Similarly, players can go for Public Events, Lost Sectors, campaign missions, playlist modes and more places. However, try and avoid endgame stuff like Trials of Osiris or Grandmaster Nightfalls as they will see you ditching the Candescent armor for the normal build.

Thereby, you can go for Vanguard activities as a better option. There’s also a neat way through the Witch Queen expansion gameplay.

But there is a hurdle, as you will need a fireteam for this, given the various checkpoints which will require to switch between characters. Players will have to get their friends around if they want to follow this route, but it is definitely a great option. 

Thus, that is all players have to know about Silver Leaves and how to earn them quickly in the Solstice of Summer. Given the low quantity you can store, keep going through the missions in order to increase your earnings. This will greatly benefit your ability to upgrade armor. 

Last Updated on July 22, 2022

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