Destiny 2: How To Get Something New Hand Cannon And God Roll

The summer Solstice has come bearing several new things for fans of Destiny 2. The event is filled with new events, tickets, currencies, and the ability to completely upgrade your Candescent armour.

As always, Eva Levante has also made her return to the Tower, who will be handing out quests like candy. Players are always excited about the new weapons, and the Something New Hand Cannon is exactly that.

The exclusive weapon can only be gotten in during the three-week event, so players should aim for it as soon as possible. In that regard, the following guide will tell players everything they need to know about the new weapon and the best god rolls for it. 

Destiny 2 - Something New Hand Cannon

Destiny 2: What is the Something New?

As mentioned above, this is the first time players will be using the Hand Cannon. It is unique in terms of being the first of its kind to have the Aggressive Frame Stasis which shoots 120 rounds per minute (RPM).

While the other Hand Cannon, Eyasluna, may be more useful, the 120 rounds weapons were buffed for PvE activities early on in the latest Season of the Haunted.

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Furthermore, given its Stasis nature, Something New will be able to better the Stasis builds for all the classes. Therefore, there are a lot of perk options for players to use, which will only see its popularity increase. Something New can also see more usage after the drop of an anti-Champion Hand Cannon mod in the future. 

Like all the awards and items, Something New Hand Cannon is only available during the Solstice of Heroes. Therefore, players have to get it by August 9, or a year-long wait will be facing them.

The only way to get the Something New is by finishing the Bonfire Bash activity that has been newly added. However, there is no guarantee you will get, as it depends on the RNG.

Once you defeat the Heat Drinker, interact with the stoked fire and it will drop rewards as chests do in the normal game. 

Destiny 2 - Something New Hand Cannon God Rolls

Destiny 2: Something New Hand Cannon god rolls

When it comes to PvP. you have to go for Smallbore or Ricochet Rounds given they will better the range and stability of the weapon. On the other hand, almost all barrels work for PvE combat, but you should steer clear of Full Bore and Arrowhead Brake.

If you are going for the PvE Legendary magazine perks, Something New Hand Cannon needs Armor-piercing Rounds or Ricochet Rounds coupled with Appended Mag. Players looking for the god roll have to focus on the drops containing the following: 

  • Wellspring/Headstone: A great choice for a Statis build. 
  • Feeding Frenzy/Multikill Clip: With Font of Might on, it is a solid option when fighting large swathes of opponents. 
  • Wellspring/Demolitionist: When it comes to ability regeneration, this is the way to go. 

Thus, that is all players need to know about the Something New Hand Cannon. It is a strong choice for players wanting to try out something new in the Solstice event. There are a couple of great god rolls which further enhances the gameplay. 

Last Updated on July 23, 2022

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