Destiny 2: How To Upgrade Candescent Armor (Solstice Of Heroes)

The annual summer festival of Destiny 2 has officially kicked off, with players enjoying an event full of quests and new gear. With Season 17,  Season of the Haunted, ended, it is now time for players to take on unique challenges over the course of the next three weeks.

One of the key aspects of this whole activity is the special Candescent armor. The Solstice will also be bringing back Eva Levante from the Tower, and she will hand over the first pieces of armor to players.

Therefore, upgrading them over the course of your journey will be necessary. The following guide will help players in upgrading their armor in the Solstice of Heroes. 

Destiny 2 - Eva Levante

Destiny 2: What is the new armor?

It is called the Candescent armor set, and as you have already guessed, the upgrades will only be available within the Solstice. That means players will have to complete the Event Card, which will give them the special currencies like: 

  • Silver Ash
  • Silver Leaves
  • Kindling

You will also be required to participate in the new Bonfire Bash which will be taking place in the European Aerial Zone (EAZ). Therefore, make sure to visit Eva Levante as soon as you start the Solstice event.

This will be followed by the Celebrating Solstice quest. There are eight steps after which you will receive information on how to upgrade the Candescent armor.

However, make sure to equip the whole set which will allow you to move on to the next Event Challenge. They will be unlocked as you progress through the Solstice of Heroes, thereby collecting Kindling currency. 

Destiny 2 - Candescent Armor

Destiny 2: How to upgrade Candescent Armor

Eva Levante will also give players Silver Leaves as you move along, and they can be changed to Silver Ash. For this, players will have to interact with the bonfire at the end of the Bonfire Bash event.

When you are done with your maiden challenge, you will get a Kindling and add the Small Kindling to your armor too. Having done that, you will be receiving the Glowing Ember which can be used to upgrade the current armor. 

Therefore, it is clear that players will have to keep on collecting Kindling and making use of Silver Ash to keep on upgrading the armor. Additionally, players can also take part in the Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard activities while being in the Candescenet Armor to get more Silver Leaves, before following the aforementioned process.

Similarly, you will also get Silver Leaves from Lost Sectors, Public Leaves, and other such types. Players can also go on Event Challenges also which will award Kindling. All of it together will be essential in totally upgrading your armor. 

Thus, that is all players need to know about upgrading the Solstice-special Candescent Armor. Remember that everything happening in the Solstice event will expire on August 9, so make sure to keep at it till then. 

Last Updated on July 20, 2022

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