Destiny 2 – How to use Twisted Energy and Prismatic Recaster

Twisted Energy is a Seasonal Currency available during Season of the Arrivals. Prismatic Recaster is an NPC/Device available Besides Drifter. It can be used to alter the rewards dropped from Umbral Engrams. These Engram can be opened using the Umbral Decoder, located beside Drifter also. Let us take a look at how we can get the Twisted Energy and use the Prismatic recaster.

How to get and use Twisted Energy

  • From Seasonal Pass: This is for Premium pass owner only. you can get twisted Energy currencies at Seasonal pass levels 2, 12, and 92.
  • By doing Bounties from Prismatic Recaster: Get the bounties available in the Prismatic Recaster. Then complete the bounty objectives to get Twisted Energy as a reward (500), along with XP.
  • These are Weekly Bounties so you can do a limited number per week (2)
  • The calculations add up to 1000 Twisted Energy per week. So farm these and use them wisely.
twisted energy how to get and use

How to use the Prismatic Recaster

  • As said earlier it is located Beside Drifter, in the annex of the tower.
  • It is used mainly for Umbral Research.
  • It focuses on the Reward you get from opening the Umbral Engrams.
  • There are Bounties in the Prismatic Recaster which give you Altered Elements.
  • You can use these Elements to change the nature of the Reward from the Umbral Engrams.
  • Level up the Prismatic recaster to get more bonuses and specific changes to your rewards.
  • Use Twisted Energy to Enhance the Prismatic Recaster for more rewards and secrets as well.
Prismatic recaster how to use

This post is a work in progress. We may update it if and when we find out more about Prismatic Recaster and Twisted Energy. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments below. That will conclude this guide on how to use Prismatic Recaster and Twisted Energy in Destiny 2 – Season of Arrival.

That is all!

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