Destiny 2 – How to use Umbral Engram Decoder

Umbral decoder is the new addition to Destiny 2 with Season of Arrivals update. You can find this NPC/Device besides Drifter in the annex of the tower. To open a new type of Engram, called the Umbral Engram, you need Drifters help.

How to Use Umbral Engram Decoder

  • Complete the first initial quest called “In The Face of Darkness”.
  • Go to Drifter in the tower, after taking Seed of Silver Wings from Erris Morn.
  • Take The Seed of Silver Wing’s artifact from Drifter.
  • Do the Public Event called “Contact”.
Contact public event D2 guide
  • You do not need to be successful in the event. Simply make it to the end of the event.
  • Upon completion, the new Umbral Engram will drop for you.
  • Head back to drifter and get the engram from him.
  • To his left, you will find The Umbral Engram Decoder:
Umbral-Engrams decoder how to use
  • Interact with the NPC/Device and open the Umbral Engram.

If you face any issues or have general questions regarding the article, do let us know in the comments. That will be all for the guide for how to get and use Umbral Engram Decoder in Destiny 2.

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