Destiny 2 – In The Face of Darkness Quest Steps

Wish to know the steps for In the face of darkness quest in Destiny 2 – Season of Arrivals? We got you covered with this article. This is the very first quest you need to do to access the rest of the content. This will involve rescuing Erris Morn, getting the Seed of silver wings artifact, and interacting with Drifter.

In The Face of Darkness Quest Steps Walkthrough

  • Full Contact – Talk to Drifter, take the artifact, and do a public event called “Contact” on Io. Just finish the event and do not worry about the successful completion. Collect the Umbral Engram, talk to Drifter, and decode the Engram on the Umbral Decoder located to his left side.
  • Taken Their Energy – To complete this quest step, simply play a Strike, a Gambir or, a Crucible match. Make sure to complete the match, and directly head over to Drifter. Talk to him and he will give you the next quest step.
  • Refining of the recaster – There is a Prismatic Recaster Located to the leftmost side of Drifter. Interact with it and it will open up the Panel for the recaster. There should be two interactable there. One will deposit small amounts of Twisted Energy and the other should deposit large amounts of it. Pick the Umbral Enhancement Upgrade which should be the first one there. This will enable you to get specific loots from the Umbral Engrams.
    • Umbral Focusing is the first alternative in the Umbral Affinity area. Focus your Umbral Engram, then open it in the Decoder to get your focussed items. Talk to the Drifter, then go back to the Prismatic Recaster and interact with it.
  • Means to an end – This quest step enables the weekly activities to progress in “In the face of darkness” quest. As of the time and date of publishing, this quest is bugged. Unfortunately, you need to wait for the developers to fix this issue to progress in it.

That will be all for this guide for “In the face of darkness” quest walkthrough for Destiny 2 – Season of Arrivals. We shall update the post as soon as the quest gets a fix.

That is all!

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