Destiny 2 | Leviathan’s Breath Heavy ammo Trick

Want more heavy ammo than what you should normally get in Destiny 2?

We will show you a trick on how to get more ammo from a Brick of heavy ammo using leviathan’s breath, so keep on reading…


What is the basic requirement for this to work?

  • Any heavy weapon will work for this trick.
  • We would recommend a Two-tailed fox, or Wardcliff’s Coil or something like a Hammerhead Machine gun.


How does it work?

  • The best place to do this will be on gambit prime or Normal gambit matches.
  • You need to pick up a heavy ammo brick using your other Heavy weapons, like an exotic rocket launcher or your hammerhead or any other machine gun.
  • We recommend you to shoot one bullet before switching immediately to Your Leviathan’s Breath.
  • If you manage to do this successfully, you will now see that you have more Heavy ammo than what you had picked up on your other Heavy weapon.
  • And voila! that is how you get them precious bricks.



We are guessing that this can be a glitch in the game, so until the developers get a patch in to fix this, make use of the trick and complete your desired objectives using those precious heavy Ammos in Destiny 2.


Here is how you get Leviathan’s Breath Exotic Heavy bow in Destiny 2:


Thanks for reading!


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