Destiny 2: All About Event Card And Upgrading Armour

The celebration of Destiny 2 and its latest season is just around the corner. Bungie have announced the arrival of the annual tradition, Solstice of Heroes, on July 19.

It will mark the return of Eva Levante, and go on till August 9. Players will be aiming for massive upgrades to their armour sets. It will be shining in white by the completion of the levels, and you can spend actual money which will make it glow in different colours according to the class.

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Nevertheless, the main attraction of the Solstice has been the two new features in the form of event cards and high-stat armour rolls. The following guide will help in understanding more about these two new additions.  

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes Event Card

Destiny 2: Event Card in Solstice of Heroes

Solstice summer will be the first event to formally introduce the Event Card system for players. It can be availed by everyone through the quest menu or meeting Eva Levante.

Players will find all the challenges and events here, alongside the new seal for the Solstice of Heroes. This will in turn turn to a yearly holiday seal in 2023.

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You stand a chance to win event-specific cosmetic rewards and Event Tickets, helpful of unlocking other prizes too. Furthermore, there is also the option of using 1000 Silver a bundle of Solstice items, alongside being able to spend Event Tickets on other unique awards. 

Destiny 2 - Solstice Cosmetics

Destiny 2: Armour rolls in Solstice of Heroes

Players will be able to upgrade and update their armour as normal throughout the course of the event. However, once they have reached the highest tier, players can re-roll their armour to get even better stats in the game.

The following steps will help players in understanding how to go about this whole process:

  • Players will be in line to get a new form of currency called Kindling, which is earned after finishing Event Card challenges. 
  • You can now make use of the Kindling in order to upgrade the Solstice armour, which will better the potential stat limit triple fold. 
  • Now, to re-roll your armour, you will need Silver Leaves. They are gotten from the game’s normal activities. Then, players have to turn the Silver Leaves into Silver Ash through the newly added Bonfire Bash activity. 
  • With the Silver Ash, players can re-roll separate armour pieces to make them fully perfect. 
  • Having done it once, players can repeat all the steps for pieces of different slots or only the final two steps if pieces are from the same slot.

Therefore, the new system is a brand-new one from the old versions. Players should relish the new challenges, and keep winning events to have the best chances. The Solstice of Heroes promises to be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. 

Last Updated on July 18, 2022

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