Destiny 2: New Light | How to unlock the Menagerie

Where is the menagerie and how to unlock it, for the New Light players in D2

If you are new to Destiny 2, you must be thinking about how can you get those coveted rewards by doing the Menagerie in D2. In this short menagerie guide, we will tell you how you can unlock it and play it to get your wanted rewards.

What is the minimum power level to unlock Menagerie?

  • You should be at a minimum power level of 790.
  • If you are starting fresh, you will start with 750 power by default. So by just doing a few quests or just playing the crucible, you can easily reach 790.


Which questline to follow for Menagerie unlock?

  • This should be pretty simple. It is the main quest line called New Light, so nothing complicated there. just follow the quest and complete it.


What happens after you hit 790?

  • Once you reach 790 power level, you need to interact with a certain NPC called Benedict 99-40, in the annex of the tower.
  • His location will pop up on the map, it won’t be hard for you to locate him.
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The Invitation Quest Line

  • Upon your interaction with this NPC, he will grant you the questline called The Invitation.
  • This is the main quest line you need to follow to unlock the menagerie.
  • Simply progress through the questline and do as told by the quest requirement. It should not be very hard.
  • The final step of the quest will involve Emperor Calus. He will ask you to take a run of the menagerie and complete it.


The Glorious harvest Weekly Bounty Final step

  • This is the final step/bounty you need to do to unlock the menagerie.
  • This is a weekly bounty.
  • Please note that if you do not see this bounty on the NPC, you need to hit power level 840 and progress far enough in the New light Questline. Upon fulfilling these criteria, you should be all good to go!
  • This quest is self-explanatory, but just to be clear, you need to collect orbs of light, gain XP, and complete weekly challenges. All of these can be done by playing normally in the game.
  • For challenges (Yellow or blue director icons) you can do any of those, and upon its completion, you should now be on the Menagerie run step.
  • Note that completing a heroic adventure will NOT count as a weekly challenge completion.
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About the Menagerie run

  • There are 4 stages involved in the menagerie run. These steps are self-explanatory, upon close inspection.
  • On the completion of these 4 stages, there will be a boss fight, and that should be it.
  • Defeating the boss will spawn a chest. Simply loot the chest and your first menagerie run should be done with.


Where can we find the Menagerie afterward (Location)?

  • From the time of the first completion, now every time you can find it in Nessus, besides the Leviathan raid icon at the bottom of the Nessus screen.

where is the menagerie d2 new light

  • You can farm your favorite weapons and rolls by completing the menagerie as many times as you want and using the chalice to insert particular runes in it.
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Here is the list of recipes you need for your respective weapons.

That will be the end of this short and comprehensive guide on, how to unlock the menagerie or where they are in the New Light Destiny 2.

Thanks for reading!

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