Destiny 2 | Problem Reading game content Fix steam

How can we fix “Problem reading game content…” error in destiny 2: shadowkeep, for the steam launcher

Lately, players are facing an issue during Destiny 2 game startup. The game is crashing abruptly and an error is popping up, which starts with problem reading game content…

One of the possible reasons for this issue is the de-sync between the player’s device and the game servers. This is causing the game, not to read the updated files of the game, and as a result, crashes.

There has been a lot of testing with different methods, but only one has worked for us and most of the players so far. We will tell you how to do that, so keep on reading.

error screenshot destiny 2 game content fix


Problem Reading game content Destiny 2 Fix Step 1:

  • Launch Destiny 2 from steam or Desktop icon, and wait for the error to pop up, like the one shown above.
  • Once it shows up, DO NOT close it. Leave it open and follow the next steps.


Problem Reading game content Destiny 2 Fix Step 2:

  • Head over to Your destiny2 folder and delete the steamid txt file.
  • If you cannot find the steamid file there, then search for it in the x64 folder in bin.


Problem Reading game content Destiny 2 Fix Step 3:

  • Make sure you DO NOT have the “Run as administrator” or the “disable full-screen optimization” properties selected or enabled. If that is the case then Right click on properties and uncheck these options before proceeding.


Problem Reading game content Destiny 2 Fix Step 4:

  • Now keeping the Error box OPEN, LAUNCH the game again!
  • Now, you need to wait for a minute or two, then CLOSE the Error box.
  • Finally, After closing the error box, Launch Destiny 2.



IF you have followed the above instructions right, the game should now be working fine for you, without verify integrity error. And in the process fix the steam “problem reading game content” error in Destiny 2.


Thanks for reading!


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  1. Yeah no it doesnt. I have removed the game. Installed on a new drove.Twice. Deleted files , spoofed the integrity check . Nothing is working.

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