Destiny 2: Season of Dawn | How to get Buzzard

D2 Season of dawn Buzzard guide

The arrival of Season 9 for Destiny 2 comes with Season of dawn. Along with new content and a new game mode, a new weapon has been added, which can be claimed from Zavala. Buzzard can be obtained from him by doing some simple tasks which are explained below.


Where to find Zavala and which Quest to pick up?

  • For the new players, Zavala is a vendor who is located in the Tower.
  • The Quest you would want to pick up is “Anything That Moves”.

anything that moves



List of Objectives to get the Buzzard

As shown above, here is the list of objectives for the Sidearm:

  • 100% Sidearm /Final Blows.
  • 50 Sidearm Airborne Final blows.
  • get 100% points in strike playlist. Points are the bounties that you will complete and redeem with Zavala.

Please note that the above objectives can only be completed in the Strike Playlist.


Tips/Suggestions for the quest

  • Since this quest involves using a Sidearm, We highly recommend using a Drang or Anonymous Autumn with the necessary mods.
  • If you have Devil’s Ruin Exotic Sidearm by any chance, use that for a change.
  • These are just suggested weapons. you can use any weapons of your choice.


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If you have any questions/suggestions regarding the article let us know in the comments below. That should be it for this post about getting the Buzzard.


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