Destiny 2: Season of Dawn | How to get Komodo-4FR

D2 Season of dawn Komodo-4FR guide

The arrival of Season 9 for Destiny 2 comes with Season of dawn. Along with new content and a new game mode, a new weapon has been added, which can be claimed from Lord Shaxx. The Komodo-4FR can be obtained from him by doing some simple tasks which are explained below.


Where to find Lord Shaxx and which Quest to pick up?

  • For the new players, Lord shaxx is a vendor who is located in the Tower.
  • The Quest you would want to pick up is Heart of the Dragon.

Heart of the dragon quest



List of Objectives to get the Komodo-4FR

As shown above, here is the list of objectives for the Linear Fusion Rifle:

  • 125 Linear Fusion Rifle Kills/Final Blows
  • 15 Linear Fusion Rifle Precision Blows
  • Achieve a Glory Rank of “Heroic” (1050-2099). For this objective, You need to play the competitive playlist in the crucible.

Please note that the above objectives can only be completed in the Crucible Playlist.


Tips/Suggestions for the quest

  • Since this quest involves using a Linear Fusion Rifle, We highly recommend using a Crooked Fang 4FR with the necessary mods.
  • If you have an Arbalest exotic Linear Fusion Rifle by any chance, use that for a change.
  • These are just suggested weapons. you can use any weapons of your choice.


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