Destiny 2 | How to start the Sundial Activity

Guide on starting the Sundial activity in  D2: Season of dawn

A new activity called the sundial has been added to Destiny 2, with the season of dawn update. A 6-player activity similar to the Menagerie but much shorter in duration. Some new weapons have been added to this activity, just like the menagerie, but in-order to farm them, you need to activate the sundial activity first.


Unlocking the Sundial

  • The first thing you need to do is head to the Tower and talk to Ikora. She will give you a Quest to go to mercury.
  • Head over to Mercury and Talk to Osiris via the “Disturbance on mercury” quest step on the planet.


A MATTER OF TIME QUEST STEP 1 (Sundial component collection)
  • He will give you the task of Fixing the Obelisk. Simply head over to Tangled shore and go to Sorik’s Cut.
  • Kill the Kabals there, with solar weapons to get the most out of the drop. Killing them with normal weapons will also count towards the progress. Collect all the Sundial components (50) until the Quest step changes its status to the next step.
  • Now just go back to Thieves landing in the Tangled Shore. Deposit the Sundial components there, and move forward with the next step.


A MATTER OF TIME QUEST STEP 2 (Light Charge collection)
  • You need to defeat enemies with your super/abilities/Collecting orbs of light (Percentage Progression). You can do all three in a mix, to do the most progress. This should not be hard to get.
  • One thing you can do is head over to any lost sector in Tangled shore. The Lost sector in thieves landing should get what you want (Kingship Dock).
  • Upon this step completion, it will now update to Sundial Link. Now just head back over to the Tangled shore spawn location, and interact with the obelisk.
  • Now go and talk to Osiris in Mercury.



Unlocking the Sundial Activity

  • Now go back to your director and select planet mercury.
  • You should now see The Sundial activity on the Planet.
  • The entire objective of this activity is to beat Niruul, The Hollow Voice.
  • Now after your first run of the sundial, go back to Osiris to receive his offerings. And that should be it for unlocking the Sundial Activity for your playlist.
  • You can now replay it from the director menu and farm your desired weapons and rolls.


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