Destiny 2 | Deepsight Weapon Crafting Guide

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play action MMO with a single dynamic universe that you and your friends can join at any moment.

The franchise has hit an all-time high in a number of users after the release of the Season of the Haunted. This is a rundown of how weapon-making works in the Enclave. Check out the full details down below.

Guide For Crafting Deepsight Weapons In Destiny 2

How To Unlock The Enclave

Play through the Witch Queen campaign’s first two missions. These are available for free to all players and will allow you to access the Enclave destination, as well as prompt you to create the Enigma, a void glaive.

If you haven’t started it yet, a Witch Queen icon should appear in the list of milestone objectives in the upper left corner of the director. After that, you have complete freedom to enter and exit the Enclave non-combat zone as well as the Throne World.

Visiting the Relic

The relic is hidden down some stairwells in the cliff wall of Mars. Weapons are made in the middle. You can either make your own weapon or edit one that has already been made.

When building or reshaping a weapon from left to right, you choose the masterwork stat and tier, each weapon perk, and, if you have one, a cosmetic Memento. It will level up when you use the manufactured weapon to gain kills or accomplish activities.

Depending on the weapon’s level, you can add different bonuses. Hover over each option to see if it has a level requirement and how much it costs to place on the gun in terms of materials and currencies.

You can get a Relic Tether on the left side of the screen, which informs you how much of the crafting element you have. This is the sole purpose of the Relic Tether. If you need to free up inventory space, you can dump it and receive another at any moment.

The Weapon Patterns

Deepsight Resonance can drop with any legendary weapon, giving it a red border and a progress bar for kills and activity completions.

You can manually claim Resonant Elements by filling up the progress meter, which is a currency needed for creating and reshaping created weapons.

If a weapon can be crafted, finishing enough Deepsight Resonance copies of it will unlock its pattern, allowing you to make it. In the Patterns and Catalysts section of the Triumphs tab, you may see your progress and see which weapons are craft-able.

Deepsight weapons can be found everywhere that the standard form of the weapon can be found. There are no constraints on where you can drop.

Some patterns need the purchase of Witch Queen, while others are available for free. It depends on where you get the things because you need to be able to farm them in order to unlock their patterns.

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Last Updated on May 29, 2022

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