Destiny 2: Shadowkeep | Arcology complete guide

What is the location of the New pacific Arcology in New Destiny 2 2019 and what is the challenge?

There is a lot to explore in the new, 2019 Destiny 2, especially after the release of Shadowkeep. One of them is standing with the “Arcology” Faction in titan.

As if killing enemies was already a tough ask, in this Titan event, you will need to kill specific enemies at specific places. Hence a short and comprehensive guide becomes necessary. This event has been around in Destiny 2 for a while now, but it can get confusing for the new guardians out there, and also for those who are willing to do it in this new Destiny 2.


What is Arcology and how do we get rewarded?

You will get rewarded as you do tasks and activities for Sloane, An NPC in titan. These rewards will include armor pieces and arcology engrams in exchange for the completion of New Pacific Arcology activities and tasks.


Where is the New Pacific arcology?

Even though both the travel points you see on titan (The Rig & Siren’s Watch), can be called new pacific arcology, Only the one present in Solarium can get your job done!

    • After ou spawn on the Fast Travel Locaiton “The Rig” in Titan, Look towards your Left and go straight.
    • Keep going straight until you find a small tunnel to your left. Go inside that tunnel and make your way out of that.
    • After exiting the Tunnel you will come across a Broken bridge which should be easy to cross.
    • Go across the bridge and head to your left up the broken stairs.
    • Fight some adds and mini bosses until you come across a colourful screen, which should have a crack in-between.
    • Upon entering via that crack, you would have finally made your way into the Solarium New pacific Arcology.
    • Clean the Hive Enemies you see there and make your much needed progress!

Here is a MAP Showing the location and how to get there:

arcology location map d2 2019


In-game location of the New Pacific Arcology:


arcology in-game location d2 2019


Here is a Video Showing Where it is and how to get to solarium:



That will conclude this short and comprehensive guide on where to find arcology in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep 2019.


Thanks for reading!



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