Destiny 2: Shadowkeep | Best Warlock Support build

If you want to become the ultimate support for your fireteam in D2, or you just love to try new synergy builds with Destiny 2 characters, then this one will surely get you excited. This build involves a Warlock with a few exotic requirements in order to do the build. If you can get hold of a particular mod in the game, then that can also boost this build. So keep on reading…

What do you need for the Best Warlock support build in D2?

There are a couple of exotics you would need to get this build to work well.

  • Monte-Carlo Exotic auto rifle
monte carlo exotic auto rifle build
  • Sunbracers exotic gauntlets for Warlock
sunbracers exotic gauntlets d2

For Mod requirement it is optional, but having one will help the cause: Enhanced Ashes to Assets

enhanced ashes to assests build

You can get this mod by turning over your crucible tokens to Shax in the tower or Doing high-level nightfalls to get them to drop one of these. These are really random drops, but if you give it a decent time, you should have one.

Not having this is also fine, as you can proceed with the build without this particular mod and still make it work.

How to actually do this build?

  • You will need to have the Middle tree of the Solar subclass of warlock, Unlocked. OR the Mid tree Dawnblade of Warlock equipped.
  • This should be unlocked by default as of now if you are new to the game, and you should be able to use it straight away.
mid tree dawnblade warlock build
  • Equip Monte-Carlo Exotic auto rifle on your primary weapon slot and The sunbracers exotic gauntlets on hand armor of your warlock.
  • Equip Enhanced ashes to assets in your Warlock Bond slot, which is the bottom slot of your armor.
enhanced ashes to assests slotted build
  • Do not worry if you don’t have this mod. You can proceed without it also.

How does this Support build for warlock, work with synergy?

  • So to start off with, Equipping sunbracers will allow you to throw 5 grenades simultaneously, for massive solar damage.
  • Now, when you run out of grenades, Kill an enemy with Monte-Carlo to replenish your melee ability.
  • Rinse and repeat!

Some of theĀ  other benefits of having the attunement of grace subclass are:

  • You and your nearby allies get an empower buff if you use your melee ability to inflict damage. A bonus support buff!
  • One other benefit of having this subclass is that you can overcharge or hold down the melee ability to overcharge your grenades. This will enable you to drop supportive grenades which will provide overshield for you and your allies and also heal allies. An overall great support ability to have in intense combats.
  • And in the process of empowering allies and healing them, You regenerate your abilities faster, which is also a perk in this subclass. One of the best synergies a player can ask for.

That will conclude this short and simple Support warlock build for Destiny 2. Give it a try and see if it makes a difference for you as well. We are also open to other suggestive builds so feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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