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Is there a way to replay campaign missions in Destiny: 2 Shadowkeep, especially for new guardians?

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The answer to this question is, in a way, YES. There is a way to re-play the campaign in D2 shadowkeep and we will tell you in this guide, how to do that. As easy as it may sound, new players, are having a tough time playing the old campaign missions. Some players are not able to locate the missions entirely, which can be a turn-off. There are a couple of things you can do to re-play these missions, so keep on reading



What should be the order of the campaigns?

  • One possible way and what we found most effective in nothing out of the ordinary. Just do the campaigns in the order of their release dates, and you should have optimum progress. The order should be:
  1. The Red War
  2. Curse Of Osiris
  3. Warmind
  4. Foresaken
  5. Shadowkeep

Additionally, Destiny 2’s New light is a free to play release of Bungie, so you can download and play this anytime from steam.



How to re-play D2 shadowkeep campaign missions method 1:

This is a workaround to replay the missions. What you would want to do is open the Vanguard icon from your destination TAB, and play the Heroic Versions of the normal missions. These missions occur in rotations of 5, every week. Please note that there can be a repeat of missions from the previous week, since these are put out at random. But at least you would be able to play the campaign missions, which seemed impossible before.



How to re-play D2 shadowkeep campaign missions method 2:


How to play The Red war, Curse of Osiris or Warmind campaign

Head over to Amanda Holiday who is located in the Tower. This NPC should be available to the left of where a player spawns first. She should be located inside the Hangars. You can select these three campaigns namely The red war, Curse of Osiris or the Warmind campaign located under the Legacy Content tab. These three campaigns are basically F2P (Free to play) and available for all the new Destiny 2: New Light Guardians out there.



How to play the Foresaken DLC campaign

destiny 2 foresaken campaign


To begin your adventure into the Foresaken DLC, open the Director Tab and go to the Tangled Shore map. At the bottom of the screen, select the ‘Last Call’ mission to start this campaign.

NOTE: This campaign is a purchasable DLC so you have to purchase this one if you want to play it for your respective platforms :



How to play the Shadowkeep campaign

destiny 2 shadowkeep campaign


The final addition to this campaign is Shadowkeep, which can be played by traveling to the Moon and beginning your quest with the NPC Eris Morn. The installation of the DLC will automatically start the campaign.

NOTE: This campaign is a purchasable DLC and exclusive to the owners. You will need to purchase this DLC to play from your respective platforms:



How to re-play D2 shadowkeep campaign missions method 3:

The above methods are for the new guardians out there, and for the OG who are seeking some information about the New campaign system. But if you own all of these and want to play all the campaigns all over again, Just store your hard-earned weapons and armors in the vault, and Delete your characters.

In that way, you will not lose anything, and will be able to re-play the campaign with your favorite weapons and armors, all fresh!




Thanks for reading!


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