Destiny 2: Shadowkeep | Cross save Authentication Fix

How to fix the Error where Cross save does not authenticate in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep?

D2 shadowkeep crosssave fix

Ever since the Release of D2 Shadowkeep, The number of players going for cross-save has increased greatly. Different players have different goals to enable it. But the general idea is to transfer the character’s progress from their respective platforms to PC. Or from PC to other platforms.

But as the majority of the players are having issues in doing so, the effectiveness of cross-save is becoming feeble by the day. So in this fix/guide, we will show some possible ways to troubleshoot and in the process, fix the cross-save not working or authentication error.


Cross-save authentication error fix 1:

  • The entire idea revolves around a caching issue as the players have reported. So what you want to do is get a hold on a smartphone or any device having an internet connection. Note that it should be your PC or Your respective platform from where you want to play the game.
  • Login from the other device, be it a laptop, tablet, or cell phone and Try to authenticate from there. IF you did things correctly, it should fix the authentication issue, and you should be able to use cross-save freely.


Cross-save authentication error fix 2:

  • You can also, try fixing the issue by logging in from a new browser. Go for a browser you have never used before to avoid caching issues. And try to authenticate from there. As reports suggest, this method has worked for quite a few players, so give it a try.


Cross-save authentication error fix 3:

  • If none of the above methods worked out for you, you can try and Unlink all the accounts from your profile settings. Then try to relink them all and go for the authentication again. Again this method has also worked for some players, so you can try for yourself.



If the problem still persists, You can contact Bungie support directly and let them know about your issue.

That will conclude this error fix guide for destiny 2 shadowkeep cross-save authentication.

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