Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Dungeon Weapons Stats/Perks Guide

Dungeon Weapon names in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep with their Stats/Perks

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep welcomes Halloween this time around with the recurrence of The Festival of the lost. An event that takes place on the Halloween months, and brings a lot, which can be earned by the guardians.

This time also the Festival is bringing a lot of new weapons, and we will list some of those along with their perks. You should find these weapons upon doing the dungeon located in the Shadowkeep expansion. This festival can be accessed by the Shadowkeep owners as well as the New light players.

Unfortunately, the dungeon and the Exotic Machine Gun (Xenophage) quest can only be accessed by the Shadowkeep owners.

Dungeon Weapon list and Stats D2: Shadowkeep

dungeon weapon list image
  • Premonition Legendary pulse rifle (Energy)
premonition pulse rifle
  • This is a speculated weapon, which is most likely to be included. (As confirmed by

Preferred Weapon Perks

Apostate Sniper Rifle

  • Amongst all the perks, you should look for accurized rounds with snapshot sights for basic roll, and then work your preference from there. A range-masterwork one will be optimum.
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Heretic Rocket Launcher

  • Aggressive Frame with Quick Launch and implosion rounds will be the base.

Blasphemer Shotgun

  • Swashbuckler and accurized rounds should be your base. Then you can look for other alternatives.

Please note that the above perks are just suggestive ones. If you come up with better combinations or just want to rectify or inform us, feel free to do so. That will conclude this Dungeon Weapon guide for the Festival of lost in D2: Shadowkeep.

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