Destiny 2: Shadowkeep | PVP ranking changes

What happened to the ranking system in D2 Shadowkeep for PVP?

After the recent switch of the servers and a long list of overhauls, Destiny 2 shadowkeep can be a lot to take in. Especially if you are looking for Competitive ranks in the PVP section of the Game involving The Crucible playlist. In this Guide, we will shed light on some of the changes and exclusions made to the game.

What you need to know about the PVP  aspect of the game:

Changes made to Crucible Director:

  • The crucible playlists namely, Quickplay and Competitive have been removed from the game.
  • Instead, a few new Playlists have been added: Control 6v6, 6v6 rotator, 4v4 rotator, Survival 3v3 Freelancer (available in solo queue), Elimination 3v3 and Classic Mix 6v6 (This has connection based matchmaking)

Ranking in PVP

  • Previously, players had to start from 0 ranks after every reset. But after the Release, the rank cannot go below Fabled I.
  • As compared to the previous season, Losing a match will not reset your Streak. Instead, it will reduce it by 2. Less punishing and more playable for New as well as old players.
  • Also, losing a match will reduce a player’s Valor or Infamy by 1, which was a clear reset if we compare it to the previous season.
  • The Glory will now adjust to the player’s skill level quickly, to make the matchmaking and gameplay fairer.
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Matchmaking in PVP

  • The developers have fine-tuned their algorithm this time around. And as per their claims, it will take care of the Skill level matchmaking, which in turn will allow a variety of matches with a wide range of players.

That will end this short explanation guide on d2 shadowkeep’s PVP ranking. And in the process hopefully, clear some of the confusion you may have had.

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