Destiny 2: Shadowkeep | Squirrel Error Code Fix

How do we fix the squirrel error code in d2 shadowkeep?

After a rough start with the servers on Steam, Destiny 2: shadowkeep is finally picking up pace and becoming one of the most played games since release.
Having said that, After the server switch, Players are having a Error where they are being returned from queue. More specifically Error Code “Squirrel” is showing up on their screen. So, in this fix we will tell some possible solutions to get rid of this issue.

Error code “Squirrel” fix 1:

First thing you would want to do, is check if you are signed in to your respective platforms. If not then sign in to whichever platform you play on, and check if the issue is resolved now.

Error code “Squirrel” fix 2:

Next thing you would want to check is if the platform you play on, is currently under maintenance or if there is any outage on it. If yes, then you need to wait for it to get resolved, and then try again.
Here are the platform status link for ease of reference :

Error code “Squirrel” fix 3:

This final fix is for those who have a particularly long steam profile nickname, or those who have special characters in their name. Try shortening the name to about 7-8 characters, without any special characters involved. As player reports suggest, this has fixed the error for many steam users.

That will conclude this D2 shadowkeep error code squirrel fix. If the problem still persists, try waiting for the developers to respond, and address the issue, or write directly to them: Bungie Support.

Thanks for reading!

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