Destiny 2: shadowkeep | Steam PC migration issue fix

How to fix wrong login id or password error in destiny 2, when you go to migrate the account from battlenet to steam?

Even if players are putting their details right, steam is showing it to be the wrong id or password. This is happening to only those, who are trying to migrate from to steam server or platform. This is ultimately resulting in too many failed login attempts and a cooldown, to try again.

So in this fix, we will tell you possible ways to troubleshoot and fix this issue. So, you can finally enjoy the new light and shadowkeep contents from the steam servers.


Destiny 2 pc migration fix method 1:

  • If it shows up as too many failed login attempts, what you can do is turn on your mobile data or any other device data, which has a different IP than your current internet. This is to make sure that you do not do login attempts from the same IP.
  • If done right, and as reported by players, this is fixing their PC migration issue.


Destiny 2 pc migration fix method 2:

  • The second method also involves changing IP and trying from a different IP. This solution is for those who do not have access to mobile data or, they do not have any other device available to them at the moment.
  • USE VPN to change your internet’s IP address and try from there. Make sure it is the same country as that you reside in. The VPN can be paid or free depending on the choice.
  • Some Free VPN you can use are, Hideman VPN, DOT VPN, Hotspot Shield free, TunnelBear, Windscribe, etc.



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