Destiny 2: Shadowkeep | Where are the Forges?

Why did the Forges disappear in D2 Shadowkeep?

If this is the question coming to your mind when you see the MAP, then we will tell you exactly what is up! So keep on reading. After the recent shift from battlenet to Steam, a lot has changed in D2 with the launch of shadowkeep. Players are hence getting confused as to where they vanished, more specifically, THE FORGES.

NEW! (Patch update – Izanagi’s burden Quest, Obsidian crystal progression Fixed

  • As we confirmed after the patch. Izanagi’s Burden Quest is now fixed. If you used a Hand Key to unlock the Hand lock on the Mysterious box, that should now be checked automatically.
  • obsidian crystals now grant players quest progression after the fix – If you were affected by this bug, you need to re-acquire the Black armory rare bounty from Ada-1, and complete it to gain the obsidian crystal.

NEW! (Patch Update 2.6.1)

  • Black Armory Changes
    • Quests for Gofannon and Izanami forges still existed on players who did a part of them, but could not complete those forge quests. Those steps have been removed from the player’s inventories after the patch.
    • The Key Mold step for Izanagi’s Burden has been fixed. it was previously bugged and players could not progress in Mysterious box quest a result.
    • The Lock and Key (Mysterious Box) quest can be abandoned now.  Players can reacquire the abandoned quest from Ada-1 in the vicinity of the Tower.
    • The “Harvest Time” bounty will now progress when collecting Helium Filaments.
  • Ada-1
    • The Devs have Removed challenges from Black Armory Forge unlock quest.
    • Weekly Black Armory bounties now award Black Armory armor pieces.


Forge unlock quests

After the shift to steam, The BLACK ARMORY is now accessible to all players, and since previously the quest to unlock it was a bit complicated, this time around it has been simplified.

The devs have also removed the quests to unlock Izanami and Gofanon Forges, which was quite the grind to unlock.

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Forge exotic drops

The two main exotics: The Le Monarque bow and The Jotunn fusion rifle which were acquired as random drops by doing specific forges can now be found in Pursuits from NPC Ada-1. This is an attempt to balance the drop and make the game less grindy.

le monarque d2 shadowkeep
jotunn d2 shadowkeep

Also, the quest for Izanagi’s Burden, the coveted exotic sniper, can now be found from Ada-1. This was previously found on EDZ’s volundr forge by going to a specific location and interacting with a box.

izanagis burden d2 shadowkeep

What’s new in the Forge?

A new system has been added instead in the forges, called forge rotators. Just like the Weekly resets of Escalation protocol rotations, now the Forges will also rotate on a daily basis and players may pick their forge of choice.

You can access The Forge rotator Icon or node from EDZ Director Screen:

destiny 2 shadowkeep forge location

Dive right into the forge you want to play, which rotates every day. So you do not have to wait for a long time to do your favorite one!

As compared to the previous season, the Forge is NO LONGER LAUNCHED from the EDZ or Nessus.

New Reward System in the shadowkeep forge:

As per the rewards you will get in shadowkeep’s forge rotations, you can complete any Weapon Frame in the forge rotations. They do not require any specific forge to go to, in order to complete them. A big sigh of relief for those who were wanting the forges to be less grindy and more rewarding.

That will conclude this short know how-to guide, to the New forge system in D2 shadowkeep. The players who were used to the old features can take a bit of time to get adjusted, and the new players will have a brand new forge system ready to serve them hot drops!

Thanks for reading!

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