Destiny 2 – Solo Warlock Build for Void 3.0

Destiny 2 is a game of grind and interesting tasks. With the introduction of Witch Queen, void 3.0 was also added which made the game even more interesting. That is because new slots and dimensions were added with the void 3.0 update.

Now, I usually play Titan for most of my Destiny 2 content, but for 3.0, I decided to go for Warlock. That is because I had a hunch that there would be some over-the-top builds for Warlock which would make my gameplay a fun experience. In this guide, I will share one of the best meta Void 3.0 Warlock builds to solo in Destiny 2.

Warlock Void 3.0 Solo build

Best Warlock Solo Build for Void 3.0

You can use this build to solo basically anything in the current activities list of Destiny 2. Take note that they only include those activities that are solo-able. The ones which are done in groups should only be done in the same manner. Some examples of Solo activities for Warlock void 3.0 are:

  • Master Nightfall
  • Solo Flawless Dungeon activities
  • Legendary Lost Sectors
  • Solo High-Level Strikes
  • Other Power level-capped activities (Solo-able only)

Here is the rest of the Warlock 3.0 Void Build

Super Ability

This is a single selection thing, but the super ability will decide the rest of the build synergy, so take a careful note:

  • The super I use here is Nova Bomb: Cataclysm
  • Will do large amounts of damage, and the smaller seeking fragments will take care of the ads or the general major boss.

cataclysm nova bomb


Here is the list of abilities you should use to boost the rest of the build that I am about to show you:

  • Class Ability – Healing Rift
  • Movement Ability – Burst Glide
  • Void Melee – Pocket Singularity
  • Void Grenade – Vortex Grenade

void 3.0 build for warlock abilities


Here are the aspects you can use for most solo Nightfall activities and high-level grinds:

  • Feed The Void – Slot 2
  • Chaos Accelerant – Slot 1


Devour and Its process will do wonders with the exotic I will show you later on with this build so take careful note.


Fragments are also important to synergize the build properly. Without the correct fragments, the build will fall apart.

  • Echo of Remnants – Lingering Grenades will increase in duration
  • Echo of Undermining – The grenades will weaken targets at the cost of 20 Discipline from your overall stats.
  • Echo of Expulsion – Void ability causes targets to explode (you gain +10 intellect)

void 3.0 aspects

What Weapons To Use Mostly

This is majorly a solo build. A lot of solo activities will require you to disrupt Overload, Unstoppable, and Barrier Champions. For that purpose Use the following weapons as suggested:

  • Primary – Handcanon or SMG/Auto for Overload Build
  • Secondary – Le Monarch (or other void Bow) for Barrier Rounds
  • Heavy – Rocket Launcher (PALMYRA – B with Boss Spec)
  • Ghost Shell – 12% XP with any activity or glimmer boost mod

What about Armor

This is the next important part of this build. Armor and the mods we will use, can dictate the course of how fast or slow the abilities, grenades, and Super will come. Take careful Note:

Armor PieceMods To Use
BondDevouring Depths, Font of Might, Bomber, Grenade Stat Increase
Leg ArmorSeeking Well, Absolution, Invigoration, Grenade Stat Increase
Chest ArmorRecovery Mod, Concussive Dampener, Solar and Arc Damage Resistance, Well of Tenacity
Arm Armor (Contraverse Hold – Exotic)Grenade Stat Increase, Unstoppable Handcanon, Piercing Bowstring, Volatile Flow
Head ArmorGrenade Stat Increase, Harmonic Siphon, Ashes to Assets, Elemental Ordnance

If you do not have Contraverse Hold, you can also use Nezarec’s Sin or Eye of Another World. This will also bring back your grenades and cause your build to proc the Devour. But I would highly recommend Contraverse Hold for the perfect meta build.

Total Stats

Now after Modding for the above perks and stats, your stats should look something like this:


If you can follow the general guidelines for this build, you can build your own synergy for Void 3.0 Warlock. That is all I am sharing in this guide for Destiny 2.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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