Destiny 2: What Is The Baboon Error Code And How To Solve It

There is no doubt that Destiny 2 has cemented its place in the pantheon of shooting greats. The game recently concluded its Solstice of Heroes summer event to great fanfare. Additionally, the new Season 18 is just on its way, with several Exotic weapons in great demand.

However, there has been a frequent problem in recent times for players. The Baboon Error Code is something that has been leaving players scratching their heads.

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You will be forced out of quests and go back to the main screen, which can be frustrating especially if you are in some key moments of a battle. Thankfully, developer Bungie has provided some solutions discussed in the guide below. 

Destiny 2 - Baboon Error Code

Destiny 2: What is the error?

Firstly, the Baboon Error Code is not the only piece of connection problem gamers had with Destiny 2. Once upon a time, it was the Error Code Beaver, which occurred during the transfer of servers from to Steam.

There were fixes released for the same, and the game’s live nature makes it often susceptible to such issues. Nevertheless, it can still be infuriating to exit a game during Grand Master Nightfall or be unable to get back with your Fireteam.

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Bungie has given some solutions, including advising to change to a wired connection. It is due to what they believe as “Packet loss or disconnections between their home network and Bungie.” 

However, there are some other methods as well that players can try to get the game back up and running again. 

Destiny 2 - Style of play

Destiny 2: Solutions to Baboon Error Code

These are solutions mentioned by the developer: 

  • Force closing: If you are playing on a PC, simply use your Task Manager to close the game. For those on Xbox or PlayStation, they will have to click their respective center buttons to achieve the same feat. This is the most basic solution in these types of situations, and restarting the game can help in solving the persisting issue. 
  • Congesting the network: There can be occasions when your network becomes overloaded, with the chances of getting more if it is a public connection. Make sure to disconnect other systems using the connection to better your chances of avoiding the error. 
  • Congested servers: One of the most common issues is playing the game during some hours of the day or after a major update launches. This is when the servers can get overloaded with all players playing together, meaning Baboon Error Code can show up. 
  • Verifying game files: If you are playing from Steam, players can verify and repair their existing game files. Simply right-click on Destiny 2 inside Steam Library, and go to Properties. You will find the Verify Integrity…option under ‘Local Files.’
  • Allow Windows Firewall: The system can think that Destiny 2 is harmful to your PC. Therefore, just go to ‘Firewall and Network Protection’ from the Start menu, and choose to allow the app. Then select Destiny 2’s main file and choose “Add.” In the end, tick the “Private” and “Public” connection and save all changes. 

Thus, that is all players need to understand about the Baboon Error Code and how to solve it when they prop up. However, there can be times when these solutions do not work out. Players have to simply wait it out and hope it improves. 

Last Updated on August 11, 2022

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