Devolverland Expo Motion Blur Fix

In this guide, we will show you, how you can reduce or turn off Motion blur in Devolverland Expo. Motion Blur is a unique feature in the game, but here it is causing some nasty visual issues. Disabling it can be tricky, so in this walkthrough, we will show you how to do it.

Devolverland Expo Motion Blur Fix (How to Turn it off)

  • Open the main menu for Devolverland Expo.
  • Select the Options button.
  • Alternatively, press “Esc”
  • Go over to the “Video” Tab
  • Put the “Post Processing” option to Low.

And it is as simple as that. It should work well now, and you can enjoy the game without feeling uneasiness in the eye.

NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

Do this, in case the above settings are not enough to ease your visual experience.

  • Open NVIDIA Control panel and go to “Manage 3D settings”
  • Go over to the “Program Settings” tab and select the Devolverland Expo exe from there.
  • Make sure the Anti-aliasing Mode and Anti-Aliasing FXAA are set to OFF.

Anti-Aliasing can cause blurriness in the game also. Doing these changes can reduce the blur and make the game look more sharp and easy on the eye.

Take note that, there is no separate option for Motion Blur in the game. Tweaking the Post-processing to Low is the only option for now. If we find out more about the changes, we will be sure to update the post. Having that said, we shall conclude this short guide. Your comments are welcome for any queries or suggestions.

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