Devolverland Expo Secrets and Item Locations

Want to know all the secrets and item locations in Devolverland Expo? We have you covered with this guide. It is a very unique concept of “First-person marketing simulator”. The game revolves around, exploring an abandoned Expo market and all its secrets hidden inside for you to explore.
NOTE: We have shown the locations in the order in which you can find them. So make sure you do it one after the other in a sequential manner.

All Secret Item Locations in Devolverland Expo

Book 1/4:

  • As soon as you enter the main hall after picking up the guest pass, at the bottom of the stairs to your immediate left will be the first Book.

Devolverland expo secrets book 1 of 4

Teacup 1/4

  • It is located Upstairs, sitting on the top of the table in the Carrion Room.

Devolverland expo secrets teacup 1 of 4

Bag 1/4

  • To the slightly right side of the Weird West Booth Room Entrance.

Devolverland expo secrets Bag 1 of 4 guide

Teacup 2/4

  • On the Tab counter of the General Store in Weird West Booth

Devolverland expo secrets teacup 2 of 4

Book 2/4

  • Located in front after taking the elevator up to the Next hall on the Floor above.

Devolverland expo secrets book 2 of 4

Teacup 3/4

  • On the table of the room, right after you bypass the lasers, where the credits are rolling.

Devolverland expo secrets teacup 3 of 4

Book 3/4

  • Inside the vents, before going to the next area.

Devolverland expo secrets book 3 of 4

Book 4/4

  • On the computer table in the Blightbound Room.

Devolverland expo secrets book 4 of 4

Bag 2/4

  • Hanging from a fishing Harpoons’ side in the Olija Room.

Devolverland expo secrets Bag 2 of 4 guide

Bag 3/4

  • Sitting against a small pillar on the floor, near the serious sam screenplay.

Devolverland expo secrets Bag 3 of 4 guide

Teacup 4/4

  • Inside the Fall guys Booth on a right small table.

Devolverland expo secrets teacup 4 of 4

Bag 4/4

  • On the left side of the statue, inside the Shadow Warrior Room.

Devolverland expo secrets Bag 4 of 4 guide

And those are all the secret items locations in Devolverland Expo. If you face any issues regarding the navigation or have any general queries, mention it in the comments. That is all!

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