Devolverland Expo Unannounced games guide

This guide will involve all the collectible locations for the Unannounced games in Devolverland Expo. Since the areas can be tricky to navigate, getting all the secrets, collectibles and items can be tough going. We aim to ease that up by telling the collectibles spots in this short walkthrough.
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Devolverland Expo Unannounced games locations

Unannounced Game #1 1/4

  • It is located right after entering the expo, at the Nvidia booth.

Unannounced Game #2 1/4

  • On the second floor of the Carrion booth.

Unannounced Game #3 1/4

  • In front of the Weird West booth.

Unannounced Game #2 2/4

  • At the bar inside the Weird West booth.

Unannounced Game #1 2/4

  • After you exit the lift, you will find it in front of you.

Unannounced Game #2 3/4

  • At the room with the projector, on top of the desk.

Unannounced Game #1 3/4

  • Inside of the vents, after the path is divided into two. It is located in the middle between those two possible paths.

Unannounced Game #1 4/4

  • At the Blightbound booth, on top of a table.

Unannounced Game #3 2/4

  • At the Serious Sam 4 booth, in front of the big screen with the trailer.

Unannounced Game #2 4/4

  • On the second floor of the Fall Guys area.

Unannounced Game #3 3/4

  • On top of the spear at the entrance of the Olija booth.

Unannounced Game #3 4/4

  • At the temple of the Shadow Warrior 3 area, on the Buddha statue.

That will be all for this short walkthrough. Do let us know in the comments below if you face any issues or have any general queries. Thanks for reading!

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