Diablo Immortal: Class Guide | Tier List and Best Classes Ranked

Welcome folks to a new guide and today we are going to be talking about the soon-to-be-launched mobile game Diablo Immortal and its Classes.

In this guide, I will give you a detailed insight into the world of Diablo Immortal and all its six very unique Classes. So give this guide a quick read and let me know in the comments how you liked it.

Best Classes in Diablo Immortal and Class Tier List

Let me tell you beforehand that I have played through each of the test phases of Diablo Immortal, the Test Alpha, Closed Alpha, and Closed Beta. With a lot of hours of this game under my belt, I want to share the same tips with you in the matter of choosing the best Class.

Note that these points may be subject to change after the launch of the game. Some classes may be nerfed while others may be improved. But I will update this guide with all the new info so you may be at ease.

Class Types in Diablo Immortal 

There is a total of 6 Classes in Diablo Immortal and they can be divided into two major types: Melee and Ranged. This in essence can be similarly divided into classes that deal AoE and Single Target damage.

Melee characters are brawler types that deal AoE damage and are basically the damage absorbers in the game. They have some of the worst single target damage but are very effective in brawls and group fights.

On the other hand, Ranged characters deal damage from a distance and are the weaker class in terms of taking damage.

They have the highest single target damage but have a low ability to escape from brawls. They make up for that with the move and shoot and can take out hordes of enemies with their high damage rate.

Class Tier List in Diablo Immortal

S- ClassDemon Hunter, Barbarian, Crusader
A- ClassMonk, Necromancer, Wizard

Notice that in this table there are no B, C, or D tiers. I have left them out intentionally because there are no bad or weak classes as such. Before choosing your class you must consult your team and work accordingly.

  • The class you choose should depend on your playstyle and what your team requires.
  • Each class is powerful in its own regard and can provide unique buffs for the team.
  • They all are essential and provide valuable support in group fights.
  • Ultimately the best team wins.

Each Class in Diablo Immortal Explained  

In this section, I have briefly described each class in Diablo Immortal for your better understanding.


This class is the most powerful of all the Melee types. It has very high AoE damage and decent single target damage. It has high survivability and can take out hordes of enemies in no time.

  • The downside is that it has a slow speed and can sometimes be overwhelmed by sheer numbers in battles.
  • It has a low escape ability.
  • Otherwise, overall it is quite well-rounded and should be the first preference for you if you want to have close combat characters.


The mighty Crusader is intense in battle and simply a delight to watch. It has a mount and can move around extremely fast dealing tons of AoE damage.

On the flip side, it also has the lowest single target damage in the game. It is invaluable in group fights and acts as extremely able support. It has a fair degree of survivability and has enough speed to escape from hordes.

Demon Hunter  

The formidable Demon Hunter is not something to trifle with. It has the highest single target damage in the game and also has the most powerful Primary Attack, the crossbow.

  • It can be used to deal damage from a distance as it is a Ranged Class.
  • You can easily move and shoot.
  • The drawback of this class is it is a bit weak in terms of survivability and also low escapability as it gets tangled up in brawls.
  • Otherwise, it is arguably the most powerful class in Diablo Immortal.


The monk is a Melee class that has good AoE and single target damage. It has fast speed and a wide range of skills and abilities. It can teleport to enemies and hence single out an enemy on the battlefield.

  • The disadvantage of this class is that it has a high skill cooldown and you may have to rely on primary attacks which are weak for this class.
  • Otherwise, it can deal decent damage at a fast pace and has a big arsenal of stunts.


This class has the best Ulti in the game. It has a wide range of ability attacks and deals damage from a distance. It can summon dead soldiers to aid in fights and has very high skill damage.

  • On the negative side, it has a high sill cap and skill cooldown, and summoning spirits may not always get it out of a spot of bother.
  • But overall this is a good class if you are interested in ability and magic damage.


Compensating for its low survivability, the Wizard has impressive magic damage. It casts ki balls, orbs, freeze damage, and whatnot. This is a vital class to have on your team because it provides incredible stun damage and magic buffs.

  • I think it can be called similar to the Mage class in most Moba games.
  • The effects of its ability damage are just a joy to behold.
  • Stunning graphics really make this class delightful to watch.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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