Don’t Starve together | Emotes Console Commands

How can we use emotes via console commands in DST?

In order to do these emotes, you would need access to the console command screen pop-up. Now it is highly recommended that you do not use any third party software to input these console commands. Instead, we will tell you how to do it via the game only. You will only have to do this once so it wont be a repetition every time you play the game.

How to enable console commands pop-up in-game?

  • Go to your “Start” or “Windows button icon” located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Locate “Documents” folder and open it.
  • Open the folder named “Klei”.
  • Click on “DoNotStarveTogether”
  • Go to “settings”.
  • Switch from ENABLECONSOLE = false to ENABLECONSOLE = true
  • And you are done! Launch your game now.
  • By default its the tilde or “~” key to open console so use that to access the console command pop-up.

Now, here are the List of Emotes console Commands with their alternative commands as well:

/happyplayer does a happy emote

/angryAs if he is gonna rip his hairs out!

– alternative commands :

(/anger, /grimace, /grimaces, /frustrate, /frustrated, /frustration)

/no – a simple nod of the head.

– alternative commands :

(/annoyed, /annoy, /shakehead, /shake, /confuse, /confused)

/bonesaw – Takes out a saw and almost cuts off his own hands!

– alternative commands :

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(/ready, /goingnowhere, /playtime, /threeminutes)

/dance – How to dance with a straight face : 1o1!

/facepalm – The disappointment is astounding on this one.

– alternative commands :

(/doh, /slapintheface)

/joy – The good ‘ol straight face with some joy ( or is it? )

– alternative commands :

(/click, /heelclick, /heels, /celebrate, /celebration)

/kiss – Well this should have been his happy face, but whatever works!

– alternative commands :

(/blowkiss, /smooch, /mwa, /mwah)

/pose – Did not expect this, but OKAY!

– alternative commands :

(/strut, /strikepose)

/rude – Back in his true element. gotta love the face though.

– alternative commands :

(/goaway, /threaten)

/cry – Chances of a few drops, here and there.

– alternative commands :

(/sad, /cries)

/wave – Well. Hello from the other side as well!

– alternative commands :

(/waves, /hi, /bye, /goodbye)

/sit – Sometimes its better to just sit and let it sink in.

/squat – Don’t skip squat.. oh we mean leg day!

And with that, we shall conclude out Emotes Console commands for Don’t Starve Together. If we missed out on any of the command emotes, do let us know so that we can spread the love with the community.

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