Don’t Starve Together | Secret Boss Guide

How to find and Kill a secret boss in Don’t Starve Together ?


DST has a lot to explore in terms of bosses and hidden areas. One such area and a secret boss is located in this game which is hard to find. We will try to cover that in this secret boss guide and also give out some tips on how to slay it.



Look for a specific structure in the game which will look something like this :

  • This structure can be particularly hard to find, but once you do, the rest of the work should be easy to follow and do. One way to do it is by a divining rod, which takes 1 stick 4 souls and a gear, which can be crafted in the shadow tab.



You will need some specific items as listed below :

  1. One divining rod
  2. One of every gem
  3. One deerclops eyeball
  4. One royal honey
  5. One ancient horn.

Once you collect these, go put them behind the pig house, as a matter of fact to get behind the obelisks you must be insane, so drain your sanity first. Then once you drop your items behind the house, you will notice it will all be gone, then attack the pig house till it breaks, a normal pig should come out.

After you break the house you will notice your screen turn dark, then black. And there should be letters on your screen. You will be in the darkness and monsters will be attacking. You will also be freezing, but your health hunger and sanity bar won’t be visible. As if you’re not dying at all. This is the so called cheese and this should see you through the rest of your fight.

Complete this and you will have not only successfully found, but also killed the secret boss in DST!


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