Don’t Starve Together | Tips to Repair Boat

How To Repair Boat Tips/Guide in Don’t Starve Together

Don’t starve together is the follow up to the original title of Don’t starve, developed by Klei Entertainment. A massive multiplayer having great reviews and even better gameplay, is what we can say about this franchise. The game achieved a lot of success and overwhelmingly positive response throughout. The player base got a lot on their hands, since the game released a portable raft to the game.

Speaking of rafts or boats, a leak here and there can be an issue, especially when it is in this game. Repairing it can be a bit tricky for some players. So in this Tips/guide to repair Boat, we will tell you how to go about doing it.

Don’t Starve Together how to repair boat tip #1

  • If you spot a leak on your boat drag your mouse over to the leaked spot, and use the repair kit at your disposal. This should enable you to create a makeshift patch to stop the leak.

Don’t Starve Together how to repair boat tip #2

  • Once you patch up that leaked spot, please note that you cannot use anything or put anything on it.

Don’t Starve Together how to repair boat tip #3

  • You can simply hover your mouse over the raft and right click on it. Then use logs or boards, whichever is available to repair the boat/raft.

Don’t Starve Together how to repair boat tip #4

  • You can also try using sticks and drift woods to repair the boat by the same method. And that should be it! all repaired and good to go.

That will conclude this short and simple Tips/Guide to repair your boat in Don’t Starve Together. This will hopefully save you in surviving longer and NOT dying in the middle of the vastness.

thats all!

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