Don’t Starve Together | Winter server Guides, Tips and Tricks

What are some of the efficient ways to survive a Winter server in DST?



This guide will be a simple and easy walkthrough to surviving the punishing Winter in DST with less resources available to you, when and if you manage to join a winter server.


  • Quickly search for flint, grass and twigs. Mainly grass and twigs, so you can make a torch and burn ONLY 1 TREE. Don’t just burn the whole forest down for warmth, and be a bit on the witty and saving side. Once you have flint and twigs, make an Axe, to make a campfire.



  • Depending on how fast you do this, you can survive for a while. You need to search for gold to get a Science Machine. Now, depending on which character you choose, you can do certain things from here on, but we will only be discussing Wigfrid and Wickerbottom, since they’re the only characters that actually can do things that most characters can’t with this guide. Wigfrid, once she gets the science machine, can go hunt beefalo to get a Beefalo hat and survive peacefully until she finds base. Wickerbottom on the other hand, can make a Thermal Stone as soon as she gets a science machine, due to her “Knows many things” trait. But, if you are any other character, make sure to grind out by doing mining as much as possible.


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  • Here’s some tips to making an alchemy engine with less effort. The minimum materials required for it are 4 gold, 16 wood, and 12 rocks. Once you have that alchemy engine, get a thermal stone, and then go hunt for some beefalo or rabbits for some winter gear.



  • Tip 1: Don’t just sit by a campfire. Campfires only can give 40 temperature, so burn a tree next to you to get maximum warmth.
  • Tip 2: As Wortox, you can gather materials faster, and you can avoid more mobs, so it’s ideal to play as him if you can’t handle trying not do die of cold and trying not do die from mobs.
  • Tip 3: As Webber or Wilson, you can gain Beards to give yourself insulation. This is a very slow method of gaining insulation, but it does work.
  • Tip 4: Thermal Stones can change to COLD temperatures if you don’t keep an eye on it. Keep an eye on your thermal stone at all times!
  • Tip 5: This tip goes along with Tip 4. If you have a glowing aura (its not big) around you, that means your thermal stone is as hot as can be. If it isn’t there, then go set up a campfire and heat it up.


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  • Mod 1: Minimap: Minimap can kinda let you cheat in the dark, so you can see whatever is around you on the minimap, even if u can’t see it on the actual game.
  • Mod 2: Extended Map Icons: This goes with Minimap. This mod lets you see more things on maps, like Chester, Spiders, etc.
  • Mod 3: Combined Status: Combined Status can show you what temperature you’re at. Just to let you know, 0 degrees or lower gets you to freeze.


post credits : Door-kun


That will be all for this DST guide on surviving a winter server. thanks for reading!

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