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Wortox and his abilties, tips, tricks and guides in detail

Wortox is a purchasable DLC character for DST. You can also get him by weaving 2700 spools in the game. You can purchase the deluxe chest along with Essesntial Wortox : Click Here

It is a tricky but great character to play, and in this guide we will show you his abilities, guides, tip and tricks on how to play him.

Check out wortox animated short here:


“Pardon me if I don’t shake your hand.”


[+] It in an Imp.
[+] Can hop through time and space.
[-] Less nourished by physical food.


Hunger = 175
Health = 200
Sanity = 150

What is an “Imp” ?

Wortox is an Imp. Hence he is capable of absorbing souls.
Being an Imp also makes Pigmen/Bunnymen/Catcoons hostile towards him.

What are Souls ?

Wortox starts with 6 souls.
Souls drop from any creature that has a soul.
If the creature is a Chess monster or a Shadow creature it won’t drop souls.
This means the following creatures will not drop any souls:

  • WX-78
  • Bishop/Damaged Bishop
  • Rook/Damaged Rook
  • Knight/Damaged Knight
  • Unseen Hand
  • Maxwell’s Shadow Minions
  • Crawling Horror/Crawling Nightmare
  • Terrorbeak/Nightmarebeak
  • All of the Shadow Pieces

Bosses will drop more than a single soul (Around 5-10 souls depending on the boss) some of them are:

  • Deerclops
  • Dragonfly
  • Antlion
  • Bearger
  • Bee Queen
  • Klaus
  • Treeguard
  • Ancient Guardian
  • Any Reanimated Skeleton (surface, caves, fuelweaver)
  • Toadstool
  • Spider Queen

Structures/walls won’t drop any souls.
Souls only drop when a a creature that has a soul dies nearby Wortox.
Souls cannot be stored in any container/backpack or used by another Character.


The Player will overload with souls if they get more than 20 souls. The player will be left with 10 souls, 11 will drop healing the player and everyone around him at an instant. This will also deplete 20 sanity from the Player.

How to use the souls ?

There are two uses for souls. You can either heal using souls or teleport.


You can use a soul to recover 20 HP by releasing a soul (dropping it on the ground). The healing effect is an AOE type meaning it will heal everyone nearby Wortox. Every extra person takes 1 off the 20 meaning if Wortox released a soul while he is nearby 3 people everybody will get healed for 17 (20 – 3 = 17) (The soul releaser won’t affect the healing amount).


  • The second use of souls is teleportation, as mentioned in the previous section.
  • You can click anywhere on the screen to teleport there at the cost of 1 soul.
  • The player cannot teleport in dark areas.
  • The player can also use teleportation to dodge incoming attacks as shown below:

How to feed the wortox?

  • Food is less effective on Wortox because he is an Imp, Food affects him 50% less.
  • This means if the player eats a Turkey Dinner as Wortox they’ll get 50% of its original stats, meaning they’ll get 10 HP, 37.5 Hunger and 2.5 Sanity. (Originally 20 HP, 75 Hunger and 5 Sanity)
  • This doesn’t only affect positive effects, it also affects negative effects.
  • You can use souls to feed him. Each soul gives 18 hunger and decreases 5 sanity. So this will be much feasible and a far better option.

post credits: Kawtharani

So that is how you can use get the wortox and his abilities along with some tips and tricks we included to implement in your game. This will hopefully make your time in DST a bit easier with him.

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thats all friends!

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