Dragon ball Z (DBZ) Kakarot | How to remove or fix Sun Glare

Guide on removing/fixing the sun glare from DBZ Kakarot

Bandai Namco is off to a great start with the game. The graphics of the game are promising enough to keep the player base intact. But one thing the players are not liking with DBZ kakarot is the Sun glare, which ruins their screen enjoyment experience. Sadly tweaking the settings or the ini files does not fix this issue at all.

So, in this fix/ guide we will show a simple way to remove the much-hated sun glare from the game, and hopefully, make the players experience a bit better.

NOTE: This method involves modding, and downloading of a third-party mod file. So, if you are hesitant about it, kindly write to the devs or wait for a future patch to fix this. Having that said, players have not faced any issues by doing this mod, so far.


Removal of Sun glare DBZ Kakarot steps

  1. Download the mod file from here or here to start with.
  2. Follow this Directory and open the Paks Folder after that: DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT/AT/Content/Paks/
  3. Create a directory in the folder called “~mods” without the quotations.
  4. Copy-paste or Cut paste the file called NoSunGlare.pak in the “~mods” folder.


Here are some sample Screenshots

DBZ Kakarot sun glare fix 1 DBZ Kakarot sun glare fix 2 DBZ Kakarot sun glare fix 3 DBZ Kakarot sun glare fix 4

That should be all! After that simply start the game to check if the entire fix is working or not. If you managed to do these correctly, it should work seamlessly and you can now enjoy DBZ Kakarot without all the additional Glares.


Mod credits: nexusmods.com and kakarotmods.com


Thanks for reading!

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