Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes and Beginner Guide

In this guide for Dude Theft Wars, I will go over a few cheat codes, tips, and strategies for beginners to make your time easy in-game. This is an open-world game for Android which is developed by Poxel Studios. In this game, you play as Jack and explore the open world.

The exploration includes driving vehicles, shooting people, stealing money, and much more. This follows the same concept as GTA games on PC. For more information, check out this guide on Dude Theft Wars to fetch more cash for free.

Dude Theft Wars Cheats Codes and Beginner Guide

Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes List (Updated)

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  • Moongravity
  • Giantdudes
  • Tinydudes
  • Antdude
  • Heytaxi
  • Dudekong
  • Dudebolt
  • Nosforever
  • Popoplz
  • Suppahotslap
  • Night
  • Day
  • Evening
  • Crowd99
  • Carboom

You can now get access to the live cheat app in Dude Theft Wars. To gain access tap on the mobile phone icon (on the left side). Now pick the “cheat.exe” app. You need to enter the cheat code (just tap on the app) and voila! Now you have access and can use a lot of cheat codes for free in the game.

How To Deactivate Cheats

Along with this mini-game, there are other updations that have been made. they include Thanos car, new Islands, Helicopters, and more. To deactivate any cheat code that you may have entered, you need to enter it again to turn it off.

That is the only way to turn off Cheat codes in the game. At the top-right corner, tap on the minimap; at the bottom-right corner of the map, tap on my location to see where you are on the map. There are also some navigation icons on the left side of the current map.

These are the icons for weapons, home, town hall, shop, and police station. Just follow these icons on the map to reach your destination. This is possibly the easiest way that you can navigate the map using these particular icons.

Beginner Guide for Dude Theft Wars to get started

At the beginning of the game, you need to tap on the start button, you will end up inside a house. Go outside the house and start your own life of Gangsters. At the bottom-left corner, use the joy icons to move your character left/right/back/forward.

At the bottom-right corner, you can find an attack button to attack people or shoot with your weapons. There are also other options like jumping, zooming in, etc. Just above the zoom-in button, there is a clock. You need to tap on the clock to change the speed of the game.

At the top-right corner, tap on the left and right arrows to equip other items. At the beginning of the game, you have grenades and a bat to start off with. Select the mobile phone[right-center] and you shall find the detail of apps on your mobile phone. The apps are as follows:

  • Duber: After completing the task of watching a video ad, you can gain access to nice-looking bikes in the game.
  • Store: You do remember Android Store don’t you? Well, this is somewhat similar. This grants you access to the in-game store. You need to watch a video ad to get currencies for free or use real money for the in-game currency. This is one method of gaining free money in the game. The only catch is that you need to watch video ads.
  • Maps: Again, a direct reference to Google maps as you may have used it on androids! It’s an open-world game and this app will be your basis for navigation around it. Select it and you can track your location on the map. It’s for navigation purposes and works just like other game maps, but only via a smartphone!
  • Save Game: This feature is present solely for the purpose of saving the progress of your game.

dude theft wars minigame guide

A new mini-game has been added as the latest update to Dude Theft Wars. If you play this mini-game, you can earn free cash which is basically your in-game currency to gain access to a lot of goodies. To play this mini-game, look for a basketball court in the game. Simply score points by swiping your screen vertically to put the ball in the ring. That is how you gain cash and points.

How To Drive in Dude Theft Wars

how to drive in dude theft wars

Driving is essential in any open-world game. Especially when the game is Dude theft Wars, mobility is very important to get around the block quickly. To drive a vehicle, you need to do the following steps:

  • Go near a vehicle. This can be anything like a skateboard, car, or bike. Now tap on the door icon to drive
  • To use a nitro speed boost, hold down the cylinder icon which will appear after you have entered a vehicle.
  • To get a car, tap on the mobile icon and select the app called “Duber”. Next, you need to watch an ad to acquire the car.

How To Get Cash Money for Free

I will list down a quick TLDR so that the points do not become long to read. These one-liner tips and cheats should help you quite well in getting free cash in-game. Check them out:

  • Slay people with your baseball bat or grenades and grab the cash that they drop. This feature is similar to GTA and it also works the same way.
  • Explore the city. This includes visiting shops and stores. Simply head to their counters and steal the cash that the counter holds to get some quick money.
  • Tap on the mobile icon on your screen and select the store app. Watch a video ad and get free cash from the viewership time that you provided.
  • LATEST UPDATE: You can now earn cash by performing death-defying stunts. To do this, tap on the mobile icon and select duber app. Pick a flying car from here and watch the video ad to get the flying car. After watching, look at the sky and the flying car should be present there. To enter the car jump up and tap on the “enter” option. Do some death-defying stunts and acrobatics using the car to get free cash.
  • Playing the newest mini-game can also earn you decent free cash. I have already mentioned that in the above points.

Tips to Get Free Weapons

As I said above, to start off with, you have only a bat and few grenades at the beginning of the game. To get a weapon or more grenades, go to the weapon shop. Now, tap on the map and follow the WEAPON icon on your screen. I have already mentioned all the cheats in the first part so do check that out. Enter the weapon shop and purchase it in-game:

  • In order to get the purchase option, you have to equip the same weapon. Equip the grenade, point yourself to the grenades, and tap on the purchase option.
  • Equip the weapon, point to bullets, tap on the purchase option to get the ammo for that as well.

What are the new additions 

After the latest update, you will find a lot of new items and features in the game. These include:

  • New bikes and cars
  • Do stunts to earn free cash
  • Character selection with abilities screen
  • Addition of new furniture
  • Mini-Game to earn free cash
  • New cheat codes, cars
  • New Islands

About The Game

Dude Theft Wars is an Online FPS Sandbox Simulator. The game is currently in its BETA version and includes a lot of fun things to do. In this game, you play the role of Jack. You can play with friends in the Online mode of multiplayer shooter also.

You get to drive cars, fly planes, rob banks in-game and do a lot of other activities as you lead the life of a gangster. The game has action-packed police chases just like GTA. You can also lead a life as a first-person life simulator. The game also includes a lot of new and old minigames for you to enjoy. Some other features of the game are:

  • ☑An FPS Sandbox Life Simulator Game
  • ☑Best Online Fps Experience in Online Fps Multiplayer Mode
  • ☑Drive Many Cars in Open World Sandbox Driving Simulator
  • ☑Best Open World Online Fps Shooting Game
  • ☑Online Fps Multiplayer Mode with up to 16 Players
  • ☑Explore Beautiful Mafia City
  • ☑Challenging Shooting Games
  • ☑Funny Sandbox Driving Simulator
  • ☑Play Mini Games in Open World Sandbox Life Simulator
  • ☑Find Secrets & Cheats in Sandbox Simulator
  • ☑Funny Memes
  • ☑Funny Ragdoll Physics

If you wish to download Dude Theft Wars, you can download it from here [Google Play Store Link]. The game is still in its BETA version so if you face any bugs during the gameplay, do mention that to the forums and the development team.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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